Brad Mondo

bangs-can-make-you-prettier-here-s-which-ones-to-get 26:14

Bangs Can Make You Prettier, Here’s Which One...

1 day ago     174,948 Views    
hairdresser-reacts-to-girls-cutting-their-own-bangs-and-regretting-it 24:57

Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Cutting Their Own...

5 days ago     261,196 Views    
pro-hairdresser-tries-to-follow-a-sharpie-hair-coloring-tutorial 24:43

Pro Hairdresser Tries to Follow A Sharpie Hai...

1 week ago     416,128 Views    
hairdresser-reacts-to-naomi-jon-coloring-her-hair-5-different-colors-5-different-days 26:56

Hairdresser Reacts To Naomi Jon Coloring Her ...

1 week ago     229,104 Views    
i-tested-box-dye-again 21:10

I Tested Box Dye Again...

2 weeks ago     132,421 Views    
hairdresser-reacts-to-girl-melting-her-hair-off-with-bleach 23:16

Hairdresser Reacts To Girl Melting Her Hair O...

2 weeks ago     357,458 Views    
hairdresser-reacts-to-colorful-wig-transformations 20:58

Hairdresser Reacts To Colorful Wig Transforma...

3 weeks ago     116,318 Views    
mondo-makeover-time-for-amanda-to-take-back-her-life 26:06

Mondo Makeover: Time for Amanda To Take Back ...

4 weeks ago     138,500 Views    
hairdresser-reacts-to-silk-press-on-4c-hair 15:13

Hairdresser Reacts To Silk Press On 4C Hair

1 month ago     368,455 Views    
hairdresser-reacts-to-girls-going-blonde-to-black-with-box-dye 22:43

Hairdresser Reacts To Girls Going Blonde To B...

1 month ago     422,589 Views    
a-microscopic-view-of-hair-before-and-after-bleaching 20:39

A Microscopic View Of Hair Before And After B...

1 month ago     112,489 Views    
hairdresser-reacts-to-isane-punk-hair-tutorials 15:30

Hairdresser Reacts To Isane Punk Hair Tutorials

1 month ago     215,280 Views    
flat-iron-hacks-to-style-your-hair-better-faster-easier 24:20

Flat Iron Hacks To Style Your Hair Better, Fa...

1 month ago     169,509 Views    
hairdresser-reacts-to-rainbow-hair 19:12

Hairdresser Reacts To Rainbow Hair

1 month ago     324,673 Views    
billie-eilish-wig-transformation-halloween-costume 23:39

Billie Eilish Wig Transformation + Halloween ...

1 month ago     120,826 Views    
hairdresser-reacts-to-japanese-permanent-hair-straightening 20:38

Hairdresser Reacts To Japanese Permanent Hair...

2 months ago     267,127 Views    
hair-washing-hacks-that-will-save-your-hair 18:12

Hair Washing Hacks That Will Save Your Hair

2 months ago     146,323 Views    
hairdresser-reacts-to-diy-foil-bleach-fail 16:48

Hairdresser Reacts To DIY Foil Bleach Fail

2 months ago     99,000 Views    
hairdresser-reacts-to-diy-cap-highlights 17:59

Hairdresser Reacts To DIY Cap Highlights

2 months ago     302,161 Views    
teaching-my-brother-how-to-cut-hair-through-only-an-earpiece 25:35

Teaching My Brother How To Cut Hair Through O...

2 months ago     167,667 Views    


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