Darius Benson

the-real-reason-why-i-started-making-rap-videos 06:00

The real reason why I started making rap videos

2 months ago     17,200 Views    
if-a-rapper-had-a-game-show-part-4 05:50

If a Rapper Had a Game Show (Part 4)

2 months ago     20,879 Views    
if-a-rapper-had-a-game-show-part-3 04:41

If a Rapper Had a Game Show (Part 3)

2 months ago     66,258 Views    
tortoise-and-the-hare-nursery-rap 03:35

Tortoise and the Hare - Nursery Rap

3 months ago     19,561 Views    
rap-hotel 03:04

Rap Hotel

3 months ago     18,051 Views    
super-spy 03:01

Super Spy

3 months ago     21,486 Views    
jack-and-the-beanstalk-nursery-rap 06:26

Jack and the Beanstalk - Nursery Rap

3 months ago     15,654 Views    
when-the-seatbelt-indicator-starts-rapping 03:10

When the Seatbelt Indicator starts rapping

3 months ago     44,536 Views    
okay-this-wasn-t-supposed-to-happen 05:55

Okay...this wasn't supposed to happen

7 months ago     868 Views    
if-a-rapper-covered-a-police-chase 02:05

If a Rapper Covered a Police Chase

1 year ago     18,199 Views    
if-a-rapper-had-a-game-show-part-2 03:08

If a Rapper had a Game Show (Part 2)

1 year ago     10,580 Views    
if-roaches-could-talk 01:52

If Roaches Could Talk

2 years ago     13,996 Views    
if-a-rapper-had-a-cooking-show 01:49

If a Rapper Had a Cooking Show

2 years ago     589,667 Views    
science-rap-pt-2 02:01


2 years ago     617 Views    
how-to-be-internet-famous-seriously-mrlegendarius 04:39

How To Be Internet Famous (Seriously) | MrLeg...

3 years ago     125,393 Views    
the-blind-pilot-mrlegendarius 02:47


3 years ago     137,971 Views    
darius-benson-responds-to-hate-comments-mrlegendarius 05:11

Darius Benson Responds to Hate Comments | MrL...

3 years ago     145,826 Views    


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