Homesteading With Dutch

we-never-thought-this-was-going-to-happen 18:21

We NEVER Thought This Was Going To Happen!

5 months ago     14,811 Views    
sorry-but-she-lost-one-of-our-kids 12:25

Sorry But She Lost One Of Our KIDS!

5 months ago     15,093 Views    
scary-coyotes-all-around-us-then-i-caught-this-sneaky-little-predator 16:22

Scary Coyotes All Around Us Then I Caught Thi...

6 months ago     17,079 Views    
we-have-to-catch-whats-doing-this-wood-creature-lurking-around-the-farmhouse 14:14

We Have To Catch Whats Doing This! Wood Creat...

6 months ago     13,667 Views    
we-came-home-to-a-situation-i-never-saw-coming 15:14

We Came Home To A Situation I Never Saw Coming

6 months ago     15,819 Views    
my-family-is-under-attack-but-we-will-be-ok-it-s-life-we-also-got-surprised-today 11:26

My Family Is Under Attack But We Will Be Ok I...

6 months ago     22,950 Views    
why-i-had-to-quarantine-my-kid 15:55

Why I Had To Quarantine My Kid!

6 months ago     16,664 Views    
the-first-amazing-looking-kid-of-the-year-caught-birth-on-video 16:46

The First AMAZING LOOKING Kid Of The Year! Ca...

6 months ago     17,032 Views    
the-black-creature-is-back-attacked-livestock-guardian-dog-at-my-neighbors 13:24

The Black Creature Is Back! ATTACKED Livestoc...

6 months ago     12,404 Views    
i-was-afraid-this-would-happen-german-shepherd-guard-dog-was-hurting 13:43

I Was Afraid This Would Happen German Shepher...

6 months ago     16,426 Views    
this-is-sad-german-shepherd-guard-dog-had-to-be-put-under-for-a-surgery 15:10

This Is Sad German Shepherd Guard Dog Had To ...

6 months ago     16,251 Views    
i-m-sorry-i-was-wrong-about-this 13:55

I'm Sorry I Was Wrong About This!

6 months ago     13,409 Views    
the-farmhouse-add-on-is-big-lets-take-a-tour 11:38

THE FARMHOUSE Add-On Is Big Lets Take A Tour

6 months ago     12,907 Views    
i-wasn-t-expecting-this-at-all 12:16

I Wasn't Expecting This At All

6 months ago     14,763 Views    
i-found-these-little-creatures-hiding 15:49

I Found These Little Creatures Hiding!

7 months ago     23,679 Views    
german-shepherd-guard-dog-finally-caught-the-sneaky-creature-saved-lilly 18:51

German Shepherd Guard Dog Finally Caught The ...

7 months ago     18,924 Views    
you-ve-never-seen-a-rabbit-harvest-like-this-processing-meat-rabbits 18:28

You've Never Seen A Rabbit Harvest Like This!...

11 months ago     435,915 Views    
german-shepherd-guard-dog-saves-livestock-from-wild-dog-attack 16:21

German Shepherd Guard Dog Saves Livestock Fro...

1 year ago     46,284 Views    
rare-footage-showing-my-kids-the-momo-challenge-peppa-pig-video 06:49

*Rare Footage* Showing My Kids The Momo Chall...

1 year ago     79,305 Views    
we-caught-a-black-creature-it-can-t-get-out-not-the-giant-creature-we-was-hoping-for 10:40

We Caught A BLACK CREATURE! It Can't Get Out!...

1 year ago     17,046 Views    


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