Homesteading With Dutch

you-never-seen-a-chicken-harvest-like-this-before-how-to-processes-chickens-outside 17:04

You Never Seen A Chicken Harvest Like This Be...

2 days ago     13,811 Views    
one-thing-to-know-before-you-buy-a-german-shepherd-guard-dog 15:46

One Thing To Know Before You Buy A German She...

3 days ago     17,126 Views    
im-sorry-but-this-was-getting-on-my-nerves-teaching-the-puppy-a-lesson 13:04

Im Sorry But This Was Getting On My Nerves & ...

4 days ago     19,130 Views    
this-is-one-thing-i-can-t-stand 13:18

This Is One Thing I Can't Stand

6 days ago     18,853 Views    
fearless-german-shepherd-saved-my-chickens-from-stray-dog-attack 15:24

Fearless German Shepherd SAVED MY CHICKENS Fr...

1 week ago     22,261 Views    
german-shepherd-puppy-gets-taught-a-lesson-from-the-goats 13:34

German Shepherd Puppy Gets Taught A Lesson fr...

1 week ago     14,435 Views    
german-shepherd-guard-dog-cries-when-she-sees-missing-owner 11:15

German Shepherd Guard Dog Cries When She Sees...

2 weeks ago     15,102 Views    
our-last-upload-because-of-youtube-big-fines-coming-from-the-government 13:17

Our Last Upload Because Of YouTube? BIG FINES...

3 weeks ago     31,120 Views    
sorry-but-arms-family-homestead-had-this-coming 13:36

Sorry But Arms Family Homestead Had This Coming!

3 weeks ago     20,802 Views    
we-have-a-problem-with-these-two-german-shepherd-puppies 10:59

We Have A Problem With These Two German Sheph...

1 month ago     17,748 Views    
finally-going-to-catch-tricky-trespassers-in-the-act-home-security-system-is-a-must 16:13

FINALLY Going To Catch Tricky Trespassers In ...

1 month ago     17,227 Views    
fearless-german-shepherd-saved-my-goats-from-wild-coyote-attack 17:53

Fearless German Shepherd SAVED MY GOATS From ...

1 month ago     16,226 Views    
i-can-t-believe-my-german-shepherd-is-doing-this-to-her-puppies-already 11:55

I Can't Believe My German Shepherd Is Doing T...

1 month ago     27,236 Views    
i-made-a-mistake-with-the-german-shepherd-puppies 19:15

I Made A Mistake With The German Shepherd Pup...

1 month ago     17,181 Views    
i-m-sorry-but-the-crazy-german-shepherd-puppies-got-to-go 16:55

I'm Sorry But The Crazy German Shepherd Puppi...

1 month ago     23,391 Views    
german-shepherd-suddenly-realizes-somethings-up 16:31

German Shepherd Suddenly Realizes Somethings Up!

2 months ago     23,384 Views    
pack-of-german-shepherd-puppies-are-confused-so-adorable 17:12

Pack Of German Shepherd Puppies Are Confused ...

2 months ago     19,806 Views    
oh-no-the-poor-little-german-shepherd-puppy-took-her-to-the-vet 26:30

Oh No The Poor Little German Shepherd Puppy T...

2 months ago     17,406 Views    
oh-no-my-pigs-are-foaming-out-the-mouth-bad-rabies 10:31

Oh No My Pigs Are Foaming Out The Mouth BAD! ...

2 months ago     24,024 Views    
german-shepherd-stops-creepy-trespassers-in-their-tracks 13:19

German Shepherd Stops Creepy Trespassers In T...

2 months ago     21,330 Views    


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