Homesteading With Dutch

rare-footage-showing-my-kids-the-momo-challenge-peppa-pig-video 06:49

*Rare Footage* Showing My Kids The Momo Chall...

3 weeks ago     79,305 Views    
we-caught-a-black-creature-it-can-t-get-out-not-the-giant-creature-we-was-hoping-for 10:40

We Caught A BLACK CREATURE! It Can't Get Out!...

1 month ago     17,046 Views    
pack-of-coyotes-attack-two-german-shepherd-guard-dogs-caught-on-camera 11:05

Pack Of Coyotes ATTACK Two German Shepherd Gu...

2 months ago     12,587 Views    
giant-creature-at-my-chicken-coop-it-was-so-fast 05:16

Giant Creature At My Chicken Coop! It Was So ...

2 months ago     7,211 Views    
german-shepherd-saved-my-kids-from-wild-dog-in-broad-daylight 11:22

German Shepherd Saved My Kids From WILD DOG I...

2 months ago     11,284 Views    
time-for-lamb-chops-the-perfect-size-to-process 12:19

Time For Lamb Chops! The Perfect Size To Process

2 months ago     249,207 Views    
top-3-simple-life-hacks-with-wd40-you-should-know 07:47

TOP 3 Simple Life Hacks With WD40 You Should ...

3 months ago     34 Views    
how-we-built-a-hearth-with-man-made-stone 07:19

How We Built A Hearth With Man Made Stone!

3 months ago     34 Views    
my-angry-ram-steve-goes-crazy-on-the-other-sheep 11:43

My ANGRY RAM STEVE Goes Crazy On The Other S...

3 months ago     17 Views    
my-german-shepherd-traps-a-creature-in-it-s-den-what-do-you-think-it-is 12:51

My German Shepherd TRAPS A CREATURE In It's D...

3 months ago     53 Views    
i-ll-be-so-mad-they-can-t-mess-this-up 14:23

I'LL BE SO MAD! They Can't Mess This Up!

3 months ago     54 Views    
he-made-us-leave-but-not-empty-handed-best-ice-chest-for-the-money 13:56

He Made Us Leave, But Not Empty Handed! Best ...

4 months ago     42 Views    
took-my-daughter-hunting-and-caught-this-on-camera-giant-creature 16:08

Took My Daughter Hunting And CAUGHT THIS ON C...

4 months ago     556,148 Views    
look-what-just-came-in-the-mail 10:07

Look What Just Came In The Mail!

4 months ago     21 Views    
big-mistake-was-made-on-the-house-while-we-were-gone-not-good 14:50

BIG Mistake Was Made On The House While We We...

4 months ago     18 Views    
we-lied-to-our-kids-i-think-it-was-worth-it 50:08

WE LIED TO OUR KIDS! I Think It Was Worth It!

4 months ago     36 Views    
got-the-new-cabinets-installed-on-the-rustic-house-build 10:16

Got The New Cabinets Installed On The Rustic ...

5 months ago     31 Views    
special-delivery-for-rustic-house-check-what-just-came-in-for-the-house 13:30


5 months ago     61 Views    
german-shepherd-ate-my-elk-meat-using-my-survival-stove-and-mess-kit 14:06

German Shepherd ATE MY ELK MEAT! Using My Sur...

5 months ago     25 Views    
i-m-not-happy-about-this 10:26


5 months ago     37 Views    


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