indiana-cops-swarm-threaten-to-kidnap-man-s-son-if-he-doesn-t-id 15:40

Indiana Cops Swarm & Threaten to Kidnap Man's...

3 months ago     18,473 Views    
wtf-q-3-3-n-y-c-just-watch-come-to-your-own-conclusion 03:54

WTF?!? Q-3-3-N-Y-C .... Just WATCH & Come to...

4 months ago     18,333 Views    
not-clickbait-new-york-charges-to-look-at-the-stars 05:47

Not Clickbait!! New York Charges to Look at ...

4 months ago     12,437 Views    
caller-blasts-prince-william-county-pd-superior-officer-w-his-own-law 07:55

Caller Blasts Prince William County PD Superi...

4 months ago     29,884 Views    
unbelievable-tyranny-happening-in-virginia-after-the-rally 19:24


4 months ago     46,021 Views    
holy-crud-joe-rogan-is-way-far-gone 06:41

HOLY CRUD!! ...Joe Rogan is WAY FAR GONE!

4 months ago     15,756 Views    
alert-i-ll-lose-subs-but-everbody-needs-to-see-this 08:06


4 months ago     26,624 Views    
all-americans-need-to-see-the-evil-this-guy-s-trying-to-spark-in-this-country 33:43

All Americans Need to See the Evil This Guy's...

4 months ago     22,308 Views    
we-ve-gotta-talk-about-virginia-the-truth-movement 43:30

We've Gotta Talk About Virginia & The Truth M...

4 months ago     13,972 Views    
breaking-report-claims-23-killed-in-richmond-va-today-wait-till-the-end 02:40

Breaking Report Claims 23 Killed in Richmond ...

4 months ago     37,182 Views    
puppies-and-kitties-2 21:07

Puppies And Kitties 2

4 months ago     22,398 Views    
he-made-two-fbi-agents-quickly-regret-coming-to-his-house 07:26

He Made Two FBI Agents QUICKLY REGRET Coming ...

4 months ago     26,757 Views    
zero-to-tyrant-in-40-seconds-federal-local-cops-fear-the-camera 11:21

Zero to TYRANT in 40 Seconds! - Federal & Loc...

4 months ago     35,541 Views    
doh-florida-cops-left-stunned-confused-in-seconds 06:53

DOH!! Florida Cops Left Stunned & Confused in...

4 months ago     39,946 Views    
watch-two-california-cops-get-soundly-decimated-by-this-guy 12:54

Watch Two California Cops Get Soundly Decimat...

5 months ago     59,366 Views    
what-the-hell-is-this-cnn-tsa-psy-op-about 1:18:18

What The Hell is This CNN/TSA Psy-Op About?!?

5 months ago     12,737 Views    
texas-cop-calls-for-back-up-when-he-can-t-handle-epic-cop-whisperer 28:46

Texas Cop Calls For Back Up When He Can't Han...

5 months ago     24,637 Views    
wtf-if-this-doesn-t-convince-you-that-republicans-dems-oppose-you-nothing-will 05:18

WTF?!? If THIS Doesn't Convince You That Repu...

5 months ago     14,390 Views    
law-breaking-jersey-cop-gets-owned-twice-by-his-superior-officer-on-camera 09:53

Law-Breaking Jersey Cop Gets Owned TWICE by H...

5 months ago     645,782 Views    
virginia-nat-l-guard-responds-to-dems-claims-of-martial-law 33:01

Virginia Nat'l Guard Responds To DEMS Claims ...

5 months ago     10,786 Views    


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