one-in-million-coincidences-that-actually-happened 04:03

One In Million Coincidences That Actually Hap...

2 days ago     345,664 Views    
people-call-me-lazy-i-call-it-smart 03:45

People Call Me Lazy, I Call It Smart

3 days ago     118,300 Views    
people-who-showed-us-what-true-friendships-is 04:35

People Who Showed Us What True Friendships Is

4 days ago     74,009 Views    
people-who-managed-to-stay-calm-in-the-most-stressful-situations 03:24

People Who Managed To Stay Calm In The Most S...

5 days ago     113,226 Views    
people-who-were-having-a-great-day-until-now-part-2 03:11

People Who Were Having a Great Day..Until Now...

5 days ago     125,472 Views    
rare-sights-from-nature-that-will-leave-you-open-mouthed 04:45

Rare Sights From Nature That Will Leave You O...

6 days ago     35,898 Views    
there-are-always-two-types-of-people-in-the-world 03:35

There Are Always Two Types Of People In The W...

6 days ago     95,768 Views    
coincidences-that-are-actually-satisfying-part-2 05:08

Coincidences That Are Actually Satisfying (PA...

1 week ago     1,015,484 Views    
people-who-captured-the-most-wtf-moments-on-the-planet 05:00

People Who Captured The Most WTF Moments On T...

1 week ago     26,805 Views    
one-in-million-coincidences-that-actually-happened 03:45

One In Million Coincidences That Actually Hap...

1 week ago     60,948 Views    
coincidences-that-are-actually-satisfying 05:08

Coincidences That Are Actually Satisfying

2 weeks ago     56,781 Views    
photos-taken-at-the-perfect-time 04:48

Photos Taken At The Perfect Time

2 weeks ago     46,898 Views    
one-in-million-coincidences 03:44

One In Million Coincidences ❤️️

1 month ago     71,677 Views    
how-crazy-people-are-about-social-media 03:45

How Crazy People Are About Social Media

1 month ago     47,196 Views    
satisfying-moments-when-things-fit-perfectly 05:05

Satisfying Moments When Things Fit Perfectly ❤️️

2 months ago     91,616 Views    
this-video-will-make-your-monday-better 04:48

This Video Will Make Your Monday Better

2 months ago     58,596 Views    
drivers-who-are-having-a-really-bad-day 04:33

Drivers Who Are Having a Really Bad Day..

3 months ago     50,552 Views    
people-who-are-having-a-bad-day-at-work-new 03:53

People Who Are Having a Bad Day At Work (NEW!)

3 months ago     51,822 Views    
this-video-will-make-your-day-better 05:05

This Video Will Make Your Day Better

3 months ago     42,347 Views    
drivers-who-are-having-a-really-bad-day 04:54

Drivers Who Are Having a Really Bad Day..

4 months ago     30,864 Views    


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