Howl Of A Dog

rescue-of-starving-terrified-dog-who-never-wagged-her-tail 07:50

Rescue of Starving Terrified Dog Who Never Wa...

1 week ago     46,765 Views    
homeless-dog-keeps-following-strangers-on-the-street-until-they-realize-what-he-s-really-after 04:31

Homeless Dog Keeps Following Strangers On The...

1 month ago     53,792 Views    
cold-and-hungry-this-friendly-dog-was-waiting-for-someone-to-save-her 03:15

Cold and Hungry This Friendly Dog Was Waiting...

3 months ago     108,318 Views    
rescued-puppy-terrified-every-time-she-s-touched-until-she-discovers-belly-rubs 01:53

Rescued Puppy Terrified Every Time She's Touc...

4 months ago     38,865 Views    
dog-too-scared-to-let-us-save-her-hides-in-the-woods 07:04

Dog Too Scared To Let Us Save Her, Hides In T...

5 months ago     53 Views    
dog-holds-my-hand-and-asks-me-to-help-him-find-a-home 03:37

Dog Holds My Hand and Asks Me to Help Him Fin...

6 months ago     198,366 Views    
rescue-of-a-scared-lonely-dog-whose-heart-was-crying 03:58

Rescue of a Scared Lonely Dog Whose Heart Was...

7 months ago     52 Views    
rescue-of-a-little-dog-who-dared-to-dream 02:40

Rescue of a Little Dog Who Dared To Dream

7 months ago     51 Views    
how-can-i-tell-this-dog-that-nobody-wants-to-adopt-her 02:55

How Can I Tell This Dog That Nobody Wants To ...

8 months ago     56,518 Views    
dog-falls-asleep-on-my-lap-after-realizing-she-s-being-rescued 01:36

Dog Falls Asleep On My Lap After Realizing Sh...

9 months ago     48,792 Views    
rescue-of-starving-injured-dog-who-jumped-into-my-arms 06:30

Rescue Of Starving Injured Dog Who Jumped Int...

9 months ago     215 Views    
puppies-abandoned-on-busy-road-get-rescued-just-in-time 10:04

Puppies Abandoned On Busy Road Get Rescued Ju...

10 months ago     89 Views    
rescue-of-a-scared-injured-homeless-dog-on-a-cold-day 05:13

Rescue of a Scared Injured Homeless Dog on a ...

1 year ago     48 Views    
rescue-dog-gets-best-friend-who-changes-his-life 05:55

Rescue Dog Gets Best Friend Who Changes His Life

1 year ago     153 Views    
i-looked-into-this-dog-s-sad-eyes-and-promised-her-this 05:57

I Looked Into This Dog’s Sad Eyes And Promise...

1 year ago     76 Views    
homeless-dogs-taking-a-bath-for-the-first-time 04:34

Homeless Dogs Taking A Bath For The First Time

1 year ago     17,532 Views    
rescue-of-a-scared-homeless-dog-with-a-broken-heart 04:53

Rescue of a Scared Homeless Dog with a Broken...

1 year ago     55 Views    
dog-was-crying-for-help-but-nobody-heard-him-until-one-day 04:42

Dog Was Crying For Help But Nobody Heard Him,...

1 year ago     9,493 Views    
tiny-kittens-found-abandoned-on-road-now-have-a-special-foster-dog-dad-cat-rescue 10:04

Tiny Kittens Found Abandoned On Road Now Have...

1 year ago     1,199,173 Views    
rescue-of-an-old-dog-who-waited-8-years-to-be-saved 04:02

Rescue Of An Old Dog Who Waited 8 Years To Be...

1 year ago     162,944 Views    


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