Forgotten Weapons

sterling-meets-owen-the-australian-f1-submachine-gun 15:17

Sterling Meets Owen: The Australian F1 Submac...

1 day ago     32,442 Views    
the-diggers-dismay-austen-mk-i-smg 13:43

The Diggers' Dismay: Austen Mk I SMG

1 week ago     39,479 Views    
as-val-vss-vintorez-ots-14-groza-and-more-9x39mm-with-max-popenker 34:48

AS Val, VSS Vintorez, OTs-14 Groza, and more:...

1 week ago     46,098 Views    
ssg-82-the-enigmatic-east-german-sniper-rifle 06:46

SSG-82: The Enigmatic East German Sniper Rifle

2 weeks ago     65,948 Views    
prisons-and-pirate-mutinies-the-duck-s-foot-pistol 07:37

Prisons and Pirate Mutinies: the Duck's Foot ...

3 weeks ago     60,147 Views    
platypus-or-prototype-authenticating-a-hybrid-entini 13:23

Platypus or Prototype? Authenticating a Hybri...

4 weeks ago     33,780 Views    
spas-15-franchi-s-improvement-on-the-spas-12 16:40

SPAS-15: Franchi's Improvement on the SPAS-12

1 month ago     22,967 Views    
the-french-finger-trap-mas-36-bayonet-shenanigans 04:24

The French Finger Trap: MAS-36 Bayonet Shenan...

1 month ago     66,630 Views    
hiram-s-extra-light-maxim-gun 12:19

Hiram's Extra Light Maxim Gun

1 month ago     26,467 Views    
larry-vickers-delta-force-colt-723-carbine 25:22

Larry Vickers' Delta Force Colt 723 Carbine

2 months ago     49,900 Views    
p7m7-the-mythical-lost-45-acp-h 06:47

P7M7: The Mythical Lost .45 ACP H

2 months ago     33,740 Views    
german-capture-1910-russian-maxim-in-8x57 11:10

German-Capture 1910 Russian Maxim in 8x57

2 months ago     30,143 Views    
shooting-the-milkor-m32-40mm-grenade-launcher 10:05

Shooting the Milkor M32 40mm Grenade Launcher

2 months ago     63,695 Views    
milkor-m32-and-m32a1-40mm-grenade-launchers 17:04

Milkor M32 and M32A1 40mm Grenade Launchers

2 months ago     89,707 Views    
h-prototype-sniper-the-sl7-match 07:29

H Prototype Sniper: the SL7 Match

2 months ago     35,966 Views    
h-mk23-socom-45-development 26:12

H Mk23 SOCOM .45 Development

2 months ago     59,195 Views    
sterling-s11-donkey-in-a-thoroughbred-race 13:28

Sterling S11: Donkey in a Thoroughbred Race

2 months ago     117,850 Views    
slow-motion-malfunctions-of-exotic-firearms 08:41

Slow Motion Malfunctions of Exotic Firearms

2 months ago     63,011 Views    
aai-2nd-gen-spiw-flechette-rifles 17:40

AAI 2nd Gen SPIW Flechette Rifles

2 months ago     43,233 Views    
shooting-the-negev-lmg 03:58

Shooting the Negev LMG

3 months ago     47,898 Views    


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