how-this-flower-saved-me 10:08

How This Flower Saved Me

5 days ago     164,434 Views    
the-saddest-boy-i-met-on-tour 07:57

The Saddest Boy I Met On Tour

2 weeks ago     167,099 Views    
what-to-do-with-zero-dollars 07:02

What To Do With Zero Dollars

3 weeks ago     149,880 Views    
theodd1sout-chess-boxing-announcement 01:33

TheOdd1sout Chess Boxing Announcement

1 month ago     164,962 Views    
our-first-i-love-you 07:10

Our First I Love You

1 month ago     123,848 Views    
global-warming-explained-with-farts 04:17

Global Warming Explained With Farts

1 month ago     144,856 Views    
i-can-t-do-this-anymore 08:03

I can't do this anymore

1 month ago     143,804 Views    
i-m-in-a-freaking-music-video 03:56


1 month ago     178,392 Views    
this-camera-completely-blew-me-away 07:48

This Camera Completely Blew Me Away

2 months ago     151,044 Views    
youtube-ruined-my-life-thx-andrei-terbea 08:36

Youtube Ruined My Life (Thx Andrei Terbea)

2 months ago     166,946 Views    
my-wife-s-friend-got-me-in-trouble 10:16

My Wife's Friend Got Me In Trouble.

2 months ago     619,346 Views    
dad-fights-the-internet 03:16

Dad Fights The Internet

3 months ago     106,020 Views    
my-embarrassing-disney-oopsie 09:46

My Embarrassing Disney Oopsie

3 months ago     69,689 Views    
sneaking-into-a-fan-s-house 09:14

Sneaking Into A Fan's House

3 months ago     140,868 Views    
my-babysitter-lie 07:27

My Babysitter Lie

4 months ago     334,877 Views    
five-guys-one-baby 11:03

Five Guys. One Baby.

4 months ago     111,106 Views    
theodd1sout-accepted-my-chess-boxing-challenge 02:43

TheOdd1sOut Accepted My Chess Boxing Challenge

4 months ago     209,211 Views    
a-holiday-message-to-mom-and-dad 03:53

A Holiday Message To Mom And Dad

4 months ago     140,288 Views    
into-the-spider-verse-review 06:50

Into the Spider Verse Review

5 months ago     389,579 Views    
how-i-met-my-cute-wife 07:45

How I Met My Cute Wife

5 months ago     7,275 Views    


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