Active Self Protection

prepared-homeowner-gets-the-drop-on-burglars 08:18

Prepared Homeowner Gets The Drop On Burglars

16 hours ago     71,128 Views    
prepared-car-owner-boops-carjacker-on-the-snoot 06:18

Prepared Car Owner Boops Carjacker on the Snoot

5 days ago     175,217 Views    
new-jersey-robbers-not-the-brightest 07:07

New Jersey Robbers Not The Brightest

2 weeks ago     130,086 Views    
absolute-insanity-at-a-texas-convenience-store 08:08

Absolute Insanity At A Texas Convenience Store

2 weeks ago     37,239 Views    
vegas-robbery-is-absolutely-nuts 09:06

Vegas Robbery Is Absolutely Nuts

3 weeks ago     44,580 Views    
south-african-carjacking-teaches-us-some-lessons 05:40

South African Carjacking Teaches Us Some Lessons

3 weeks ago     72,938 Views    
off-duty-in-brazil-you-ve-seen-this-before 08:45

Off Duty In Brazil: You’ve Seen This Before

4 weeks ago     126,943 Views    
mob-punishes-stranger-for-not-relinquishing-his-phone 10:46

Mob Punishes Stranger For Not Relinquishing H...

4 weeks ago     42,691 Views    
sleeper-wakes-to-save-the-day 05:25

Sleeper Wakes To Save The Day

1 month ago     68,135 Views    
florida-man-was-prepared-to-handle-the-situation 09:23

Florida Man Was Prepared To Handle The Situation

1 month ago     153,964 Views    
robber-returns-to-face-zero-resistance 08:16

Robber Returns To Face Zero Resistance

1 month ago     63,586 Views    
two-videos-show-us-why-all-women-need-attitude 07:08

Two Videos Show Us Why All Women Need Attitude

1 month ago     27,332 Views    
mama-bear-springs-into-action-during-robbery 05:41

Mama Bear Springs Into Action During Robbery

1 month ago     80,954 Views    
washington-carjackers-meet-ccw-holder 07:15

Washington Carjackers Meet CCW Holder

1 month ago     114,471 Views    
off-duty-in-brazil-won-t-be-a-victim 05:16

Off Duty In Brazil Won't Be A Victim

1 month ago     73,587 Views    
defender-does-enough-to-keep-his-family-safe 06:47

Defender Does Enough To Keep His Family Safe

1 month ago     88,664 Views    
bystander-uses-tool-to-hold-bandit-until-police-arrive 13:32

Bystander Uses Tool To Hold Bandit Until Poli...

1 month ago     28,540 Views    
crazy-man-pushes-stranger-onto-the-street 06:21

Crazy Man Pushes Stranger Onto The Street

3 months ago     53,271 Views    
sometimes-you-have-to-fight-from-your-vehicle 06:12

Sometimes You Have To Fight From Your Vehicle

3 months ago     106,068 Views    
a-crazy-situation-in-a-garage 09:11

A Crazy Situation In A Garage

3 months ago     28,530 Views    


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