Active Self Protection

legal-discussion-when-should-you-assist-an-officer 11:50

[Legal Discussion] When Should You Assist An ...

12 hours ago     45,833 Views    
laundromat-disagreement-escalates-in-a-hurry 06:59

Laundromat Disagreement Escalates In A Hurry

2 weeks ago     75,451 Views    
93-year-old-grandpa-loses-his-mind 12:05

93 Year Old Grandpa Loses His Mind

2 weeks ago     188,361 Views    
absolute-insanity-as-new-mexico-man-road-rages 09:50

Absolute Insanity As New Mexico Man Road Rages

3 weeks ago     95,765 Views    
skilled-defender-absolutely-owns-belligerent-stranger 08:26

Skilled Defender Absolutely Owns Belligerent ...

3 weeks ago     213,451 Views    
south-african-driver-uses-his-vehicle 04:24

South African Driver Uses His Vehicle

3 weeks ago     55,654 Views    
arizona-trooper-needs-every-ounce-of-emotional-fitness-he-has 13:54

Arizona Trooper Needs Every Ounce of Emotiona...

1 month ago     29,018 Views    
managing-unknown-contacts-is-crucial-to-successful-self-defense 06:16

Managing Unknown Contacts Is Crucial To Succe...

1 month ago     64,618 Views    
using-your-vehicle-in-self-defense-is-almost-always-a-great-option 07:28

Using Your Vehicle In Self Defense Is Almost ...

1 month ago     44,075 Views    
quick-thinking-driver-uses-his-vehicle 03:49

Quick-Thinking Driver Uses His Vehicle

1 month ago     62,811 Views    
criminals-do-not-think-the-same-way-you-and-i-do 07:20

Criminals Do Not Think The Same Way You And I Do

1 month ago     33,254 Views    
prepared-husband-responds-to-moto-robber 05:35

Prepared Husband Responds To Moto Robber

2 months ago     67,842 Views    
two-brazil-videos-with-several-lessons 06:38

Two Brazil Videos With Several Lessons

2 months ago     88,104 Views    
three-videos-with-many-lessons 09:17

Three Videos With Many Lessons

2 months ago     97,459 Views    
crafty-teenager-avoids-being-a-victim 04:52

Crafty Teenager Avoids Being A Victim

2 months ago     156,369 Views    
muskogee-police-faced-with-a-difficult-scenario 07:01

Muskogee Police Faced With A Difficult Scenario

2 months ago     106,576 Views    
van-driver-loses-his-cool-on-the-road 06:54

Van Driver Loses His Cool On The Road

2 months ago     81,113 Views    
washington-county-inmate-jumps-guard 06:45

Washington County Inmate Jumps Guard

2 months ago     100,442 Views    
florida-people-lose-their-minds 06:25

Florida People Lose Their Minds

2 months ago     92,085 Views    
robbers-were-not-expecting-any-resistance 05:23

Robbers Were Not Expecting Any Resistance

3 months ago     151,827 Views    


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