Active Self Protection

south-african-carjacking-teaches-us-some-lessons 05:40

South African Carjacking Teaches Us Some Lessons

1 year ago     72,940 Views    
off-duty-in-brazil-you-ve-seen-this-before 08:45

Off Duty In Brazil: You’ve Seen This Before

1 year ago     126,945 Views    
sleeper-wakes-to-save-the-day 05:25

Sleeper Wakes To Save The Day

1 year ago     68,135 Views    
florida-man-was-prepared-to-handle-the-situation 09:23

Florida Man Was Prepared To Handle The Situation

1 year ago     153,964 Views    
mama-bear-springs-into-action-during-robbery 05:41

Mama Bear Springs Into Action During Robbery

1 year ago     80,954 Views    
crazy-man-pushes-stranger-onto-the-street 06:21

Crazy Man Pushes Stranger Onto The Street

1 year ago     53,271 Views    
sometimes-you-have-to-fight-from-your-vehicle 06:12

Sometimes You Have To Fight From Your Vehicle

1 year ago     106,068 Views    
bong-defense-beats-bear-spray 05:34

Bong Defense Beats Bear Spray

1 year ago     51,929 Views    
switched-on-officer-excels-in-a-very-intense-situation 09:36

Switched On Officer Excels In A Very Intense ...

1 year ago     58,856 Views    
compliance-is-a-decent-strategy-with-varying-results 11:28

Compliance Is A Decent Strategy With Varying ...

1 year ago     51,296 Views    
evil-exists-in-our-world 07:45

Evil Exists In Our World

1 year ago     70,436 Views    
officer-uses-his-skills-to-handle-the-situation-with-efficiency 10:12

Officer Uses His Skills To Handle The Situati...

1 year ago     55,970 Views    
avoiding-situations-involving-road-rage-is-very-important 10:32

Avoiding Situations Involving Road Rage Is Ve...

1 year ago     43,762 Views    
father-and-son-defend-their-shop 10:21

Father And Son Defend Their Shop

1 year ago     39,570 Views    
brazilian-couple-are-not-to-be-messed-with 07:51

Brazilian Couple Are Not To Be Messed With

1 year ago     63,640 Views    
off-duty-policewoman-refuses-to-be-a-victim-active-self-protection 08:57

Off Duty Policewoman Refuses To Be A Victim |...

1 year ago     82,423 Views    
how-not-to-open-carry-active-self-protection 05:34

How Not To Open Carry | Active Self Protection

1 year ago     83,362 Views    
man-loses-his-watch-in-a-parking-lot-active-self-protection 06:22

Man Loses His Watch In A Parking Lot | Active...

1 year ago     30,707 Views    
officers-deal-with-dangerous-situations-like-this-daily-active-self-protection 09:40

Officers Deal With Dangerous Situations Like ...

1 year ago     62,139 Views    
can-you-see-this-clerk-s-attitude-active-self-protection 04:53

CAN You See This Clerk's Attitude? | Active S...

1 year ago     34,682 Views    


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