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daniela-naluha-sa-pakiusap-ni-cassie-kadenang-ginto 07:06

Daniela, naluha sa pakiusap ni Cassie | Kaden...

1 day ago     642,690 Views    
romina-nag-alala-sa-pagdalaw-ni-daniela-kay-cassie-kadenang-ginto 04:50

Romina, nag-alala sa pagdalaw ni Daniela kay ...

1 day ago     339,951 Views    
daniela-pinagtakpan-ang-katotohanan-kay-marga-kadenang-ginto 08:57

Daniela, pinagtakpan ang katotohanan kay Marg...

1 day ago     194,555 Views    
ion-asks-vice-if-he-loves-him-already-it-s-showtime-kaparewho 04:27

Ion asks Vice if he loves him already | It's ...

1 day ago     184,540 Views    
mikmik-fails-to-escape-the-mansion-nang-ngumiti-ang-langit 05:56

Mikmik fails to escape the mansion | Nang Ngu...

1 day ago     152,508 Views    
a-bloody-shootout-ensues-between-task-force-agila-and-bungo-s-forces-fpj-s-ang-probinsyano 05:00

A bloody shootout ensues between Task Force A...

2 days ago     49,800 Views    
corazon-blames-herself-on-what-happened-to-rhian-the-general-s-daughter 05:59

Corazon blames herself on what happened to Rh...

2 days ago     192,340 Views    
nante-pinigilan-ang-planong-pagtatanan-nina-isagani-at-isay-phr-presents-los-bastardos 03:58

Nante, pinigilan ang planong pagtatanan nina ...

2 days ago     85,555 Views    
jessie-rescues-corazon-the-general-s-daughter 05:12

Jessie rescues Corazon | The General's Daughter

2 days ago     200,377 Views    
ethan-convinces-greg-to-ask-for-rhian-s-help-the-general-s-daughter 07:01

Ethan convinces Greg to ask for Rhian's help ...

2 days ago     162,005 Views    
the-general-s-daughter-june-18-2019-teaser 00:31

The General's Daughter June 18, 2019 Teaser

3 days ago     27,317 Views    
marga-muling-pinagtakpan-si-mikoy-sa-kanyang-mga-kaibigan-kadenang-ginto-with-eng-subs 06:12

Marga, muling pinagtakpan si Mikoy sa kanyang...

3 days ago     1,091,167 Views    
carlos-kinumpronta-si-daniela-sa-mga-banta-ni-hector-kadenang-ginto-with-eng-subs 05:10

Carlos, kinumpronta si Daniela sa mga banta n...

3 days ago     316,701 Views    
romina-nakiusap-kay-carlos-para-sa-kaso-ni-cassie-kadenang-ginto-with-eng-subs 06:41

Romina, nakiusap kay Carlos para sa kaso ni C...

3 days ago     261,777 Views    
the-madlang-people-are-thrilled-on-joshua-garcia-s-appearance-it-s-showtime-kaparewho 03:04

The Madlang People are thrilled on Joshua Gar...

3 days ago     1,006,015 Views    
ruth-s-family-leaves-mikmik-in-the-mansion-nang-ngumiti-ang-langit 03:47

Ruth's family leaves Mikmik in the Mansion | ...

3 days ago     133,457 Views    
divina-asks-mikmik-a-favor-nang-ngumiti-ang-langit 01:56

Divina asks Mikmik a favor | Nang Ngumiti Ang...

3 days ago     196,131 Views    
david-finds-out-that-mikmik-is-michael-s-daughter-nang-ngumiti-ang-langit 02:36

David finds out that Mikmik is Michael's daug...

3 days ago     352,487 Views    
andi-eigenmann-s-message-for-philmar-magandang-buhay 05:43

Andi Eigenmann's message for Philmar | Magand...

3 days ago     348,979 Views    
funny-moments-in-prison-banana-sundae 04:41

Funny moments in prison | Banana Sundae

4 days ago     30,762 Views    


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