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jade-attends-to-baby-cj-s-christening-with-lino-s-family-halik 06:26

Jade attends to baby CJ's christening with Li...

19 hours ago     318,548 Views    
vice-is-curious-about-mark-s-liplipan-ggv 07:30

Vice is curious about Mark's "liplipan" | GGV

1 day ago     286,861 Views    
mark-admits-that-he-likes-enzo-s-breasts-ggv 05:18

Mark admits that he likes Enzo's breasts | GGV

1 day ago     130,628 Views    
franco-steals-a-kiss-from-rhian-the-general-s-daughter 03:31

Franco steals a kiss from Rhian | The General...

5 days ago     44,575 Views    
alvin-idiin-si-daniela-sa-pagkamatay-ni-robert-kadenang-ginto 03:29

Alvin, idiin si Daniela sa pagkamatay ni Robe...

5 days ago     284,315 Views    
daniela-nalaman-ang-pagkatanggal-ni-carlos-sa-trabaho-kadenang-ginto 04:23

Daniela, nalaman ang pagkatanggal ni Carlos s...

5 days ago     226,177 Views    
kristoff-nakiusap-kay-marga-na-layuan-si-cassie-kadenang-ginto-with-eng-subs 03:10

Kristoff, nakiusap kay Marga na layuan si Cas...

5 days ago     1,172,575 Views    
what-is-fumiyam-s-term-of-endearment-twba 02:40

What is FumiYam's term of endearment? | TWBA

6 days ago     183,176 Views    
yamyam-talks-about-the-jobs-he-used-to-work-before-twba 03:19

Yamyam talks about the jobs he used to work b...

6 days ago     150,716 Views    
jade-pleads-again-to-lino-halik 05:09

Jade pleads again to Lino | Halik

6 days ago     176,701 Views    
alvin-nagulat-nang-makita-ang-cufflink-ni-robert-kadenang-ginto 04:22

Alvin, nagulat nang makita ang cufflink ni Ro...

1 week ago     445,448 Views    
cassie-binuhusan-ng-kape-si-marga-kadenang-ginto-with-eng-subs 02:51

Cassie, binuhusan ng kape si Marga | Kadenang...

1 week ago     1,026,084 Views    
hector-gumawa-ng-gulo-para-matakasan-si-romina-kadenang-ginto 07:34

Hector, gumawa ng gulo para matakasan si Romi...

1 week ago     311,352 Views    
jade-and-ace-are-proven-guilty-by-the-court-halik 03:23

Jade and Ace are proven 'guilty' by the court...

1 week ago     163,467 Views    
rhian-takes-advantage-of-skills-she-learned-from-tiago-the-general-s-daughter-with-eng-subs 05:41

Rhian takes advantage of skills she learned f...

1 week ago     355,365 Views    
marga-sinubukan-guluhin-sa-trabaho-si-cassie-kadenang-ginto 05:29

Marga, sinubukan guluhin sa trabaho si Cassie...

1 week ago     552,292 Views    
romina-ipinatikim-ang-lansa-ng-isda-kay-daniela-kadenang-ginto 03:26

Romina, ipinatikim ang lansa ng isda kay Dani...

1 week ago     586,827 Views    
romina-nagulat-sa-pagpasok-nina-alvin-at-hector-sa-kompanya-kadenang-ginto 04:46

Romina, nagulat sa pagpasok nina Alvin at Hec...

1 week ago     317,863 Views    
marga-kinumpronta-si-cassie-tungkol-kay-kristoff-kadenang-ginto 05:01

Marga, kinumpronta si Cassie tungkol kay Kris...

1 week ago     843,493 Views    
vice-ganda-breaks-into-tears-while-remembering-his-worst-moments-with-his-late-grandfather-ggv 07:24

Vice Ganda breaks into tears while rememberin...

1 week ago     552,301 Views    


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