Nick Eh 30

nick-eh-30-reacts-to-new-greasy-grove-moisty-palms-map-change 14:34

Nick Eh 30 reacts to NEW Greasy Grove & Moist...

1 week ago     37,281 Views    
the-best-trickshot-from-season-1-that-nobody-ever-does 10:23

The BEST Trickshot from Season 1...that NOBOD...

1 week ago     111,083 Views    
why-i-switched-to-twitch-q 16:23

Why I switched to Twitch! (Q)

2 weeks ago     132,093 Views    
when-you-get-a-trickshot-with-a-mech-in-fortnite 10:37

When you get a trickshot...with a MECH in For...

2 weeks ago     142,106 Views    
the-story-of-how-we-never-gave-up-until-we-got-a-victory-royale 18:05

The story of how we NEVER GAVE UP until we go...

2 weeks ago     50,575 Views    
the-big-announcement 01:01

The Big Announcement

3 weeks ago     258,776 Views    
the-story-of-how-i-met-my-new-best-friend-on-fortnite-random-duos 18:10

The story of how I met my NEW BEST FRIEND on ...

4 weeks ago     78,140 Views    
random-duos-but-his-brother-freaks-out-when-he-realizes-who-i-am 10:25

Random Duos...but his brother FREAKS OUT when...

1 month ago     44,847 Views    
this-was-my-reaction-to-fortnite-season-10 10:03

This was my reaction to Fortnite Season 10...

1 month ago     63,801 Views    
here-s-what-100-players-landing-on-a-meteor-looks-like-in-fortnite 10:06

Here's what 100 players landing on a Meteor l...

1 month ago     59,600 Views    
random-duos-but-this-11-year-old-wants-to-sing-to-me 22:03

Random Duos...but this 11 year old wants to S...

1 month ago     100,504 Views    
dab-peek-shoot-victory-royale 12:20

Dab...Peek...Shoot...Victory Royale!

1 month ago     90,437 Views    
random-duos-but-with-the-funniest-kid-ever 13:23

Random Duos...but with the FUNNIEST kid ever!

1 month ago     67,750 Views    
how-i-got-featured-on-the-official-fortnite-world-cup-livestream 15:01

How I got featured on the Official Fortnite W...

1 month ago     128,133 Views    
this-game-mode-was-removed-by-epic-games-after-2-hours-of-it-being-in-fortnite 10:12

This game mode was removed by Epic Games afte...

2 months ago     220,195 Views    
360-spin-back-flip-dab-headshot-snipe-twice-in-a-row 11:45

360° Spin, Back Flip, Dab, Headshot Snipe...T...

2 months ago     174,943 Views    
my-chat-made-me-add-this-kid-because-he-was-a-pro-fortnite-player 14:29

My chat made me add this kid because he was a...

2 months ago     342,150 Views    
you-will-love-the-double-barrel-shotgun-after-watching-this 09:18

You will LOVE the Double Barrel Shotgun after...

2 months ago     112,269 Views    
rifting-an-enemy-to-my-sky-base-with-traps-everywhere 13:13

Rifting an enemy to my Sky Base with Traps EV...

2 months ago     101,488 Views    
every-nick-eh-30-moment-at-the-2019-fortnite-pro-am-tournament 16:42

Every Nick Eh 30 moment at the 2019 Fortnite ...

3 months ago     99,325 Views    


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