Nick Eh 30

every-nick-eh-30-moment-at-the-2019-fortnite-pro-am-tournament 16:42

Every Nick Eh 30 moment at the 2019 Fortnite ...

1 week ago     99,325 Views    
peaking-like-this-in-fortnite-should-be-banned 17:13

Peaking like this in Fortnite should be BANNED!

1 week ago     379,062 Views    
a-10-year-old-girl-stream-sniped-me-guess-what-happens-next 15:29

A 10 year old girl Stream Sniped me...guess w...

1 week ago     181,431 Views    
how-we-raised-20-000-for-charity-playing-fortnite-mrbeast-showed-up 22:21

How we raised $20,000 for Charity playing For...

1 week ago     98,342 Views    
is-nick-eh-30-joining-faze 15:43

Is Nick Eh 30 joining FaZe?

2 weeks ago     418,095 Views    
epic-games-invited-me-to-commentate-a-fortnite-tournament 26:49

Epic Games invited me to Commentate a Fortnit...

2 weeks ago     186,076 Views    
we-killed-almost-half-the-lobby-using-drum-guns-only-ft-faze-replays-monsterdface 17:28

We killed almost half the lobby using Drum Gu...

1 month ago     101,597 Views    
remember-when-zombies-were-added-into-fortnite 11:46

Remember when Zombies were added into Fortnit...

1 month ago     46,743 Views    
nick-eh-30-reacts-to-fortnite-season-9 20:35

Nick Eh 30 reacts to Fortnite Season 9!

1 month ago     87,057 Views    
i-found-my-new-hype-man-in-random-duos-volume-warning 24:13

I found my new HYPE MAN in Random Duos! (VOLU...

1 month ago     283,509 Views    
200iq-trap-play-with-a-pyramid-that-works-against-pros 15:03

200IQ Trap Play with a Pyramid that works aga...

1 month ago     205,429 Views    
random-duos-but-he-does-voice-impressions-of-everyone 35:31

Random Duos...but he does Voice Impressions o...

1 month ago     310,485 Views    
interviewing-the-head-of-youtube-gaming-while-playing-fortnite 47:32

Interviewing the Head of YouTube Gaming while...

1 month ago     56,925 Views    
fortnite-but-airplanes-only 19:49

Fortnite...but airplanes ONLY!

1 month ago     96,144 Views    
when-you-do-a-fan-meetup-but-there-s-more-people-than-you-thought 24:43

When you do a Fan Meetup...but there’s more p...

2 months ago     62,363 Views    
here-s-why-i-use-code-nickeh30-in-the-fortnite-item-shop 15:40

Here's why I use code NickEh30 in the Fortnit...

2 months ago     73,581 Views    
she-thought-she-was-dreaming-when-she-got-in-a-random-duo-with-me 16:12

She thought she was dreaming when she got in ...

2 months ago     132,582 Views    
fortnite-but-this-ending-will-give-you-an-adrenaline-rush 11:48

Fortnite...but this ending will give you an A...

2 months ago     117,816 Views    
this-is-the-best-game-mode-fortnite-ever-added 29:47

This is the BEST game mode Fortnite ever added!

2 months ago     113,649 Views    
this-was-tilted-towers-30-seconds-after-landing-stream-snipers 14:13

This was Tilted Towers 30 seconds after landi...

2 months ago     96,895 Views    


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