South Main Auto Repair

jeep-cherokee-really-extended-crank 28:38

Jeep Cherokee: Really Extended Crank

1 day ago     24,826 Views    
new-level-auto-style-ii 09:26

New Level Auto Style II

3 days ago     40,497 Views    
nissan-sentra-p0400-egr-system-malfunction 24:25

Nissan Sentra: P0400 EGR System malfunction

4 days ago     17,429 Views    
volkswagen-jetta-p2431-secondary-air-injection-signal-improbable 30:16

Volkswagen Jetta: P2431 Secondary Air Injecti...

1 week ago     21,740 Views    
buick-lesabre-air-bag-light-on 11:03

Buick LeSabre: Air Bag Light On

2 weeks ago     21,667 Views    
ford-escape-front-brakes-wheel-bearing 35:21

Ford Escape: Front Brakes & Wheel Bearing

2 weeks ago     31,280 Views    
customer-replaced-spark-plugs-and-now-it-runs-bad 09:21

Customer Replaced Spark Plugs And Now It Runs...

2 weeks ago     32,040 Views    
ms-marie-replaces-front-brakes-on-her-civic 40:43

Ms. Marie Replaces Front Brakes On Her Civic

3 weeks ago     37,490 Views    
honda-odyssey-one-cooling-fan-works-on-high-both-work-on-low 23:32

Honda Odyssey : One Cooling Fan Works On High...

3 weeks ago     21,940 Views    
honda-pilot-failed-injector-follow-up 09:28

Honda Pilot Failed Injector - Follow Up

3 weeks ago     36,861 Views    
stick-to-your-diagnostic-game-plan 11:40

Stick To Your Diagnostic Game Plan!!

3 weeks ago     32,033 Views    
how-to-replace-cv-shaft-boots-the-complete-guide 34:02

How To Replace CV Shaft Boots - The Complete ...

3 weeks ago     47,531 Views    
chevrolet-cruze-cooling-fan-is-really-loud 17:10

Chevrolet Cruze: Cooling Fan Is REALLY LOUD!

4 weeks ago     35,839 Views    
does-crc-mass-air-flow-sensor-cleaner-really-work 24:53

Does CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner Really ...

1 month ago     22,712 Views    
fusion-very-small-evap-leak-p0456 13:34

Fusion Very Small EVAP Leak P0456

1 month ago     24,328 Views    
overheating-lincoln-town-car 25:42

Overheating Lincoln Town Car

1 month ago     46,056 Views    
mazda-miata-mx5-koni-adjustable-struts-springs-flying-miata-mounts-sway-bars-part-ii 25:06

Mazda Miata MX5: Koni Adjustable Struts & Spr...

1 month ago     21,646 Views    
mazda-miata-mx5-koni-adjustable-struts-springs-flying-miata-mounts-sway-bars-part-i 30:17

Mazda Miata MX5: Koni Adjustable Struts & Spr...

1 month ago     26,298 Views    
nissan-sentra-cooling-fan-replacement 21:09

Nissan Sentra: Cooling Fan Replacement

1 month ago     24,931 Views    
ms-marie-hit-a-raccoon-messed-up-her-civic 59:01

Ms. Marie Hit A Raccoon & Messed Up Her Civic!

1 month ago     45,770 Views    


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