british-plugs-with-built-in-surge-arrestors-with-schematic 08:58

British plugs with built-in surge arrestors. ...

1 day ago     17,375 Views    
scavenging-a-thicc-lithium-cell-from-a-poundland-alexa-charger 20:19

Scavenging a THICC lithium cell from a Poundl...

1 week ago     35,530 Views    
inside-a-large-3d-digital-clock 19:49

Inside a large "3D" digital clock.

1 week ago     23,700 Views    
poundland-s-big-brown-knobbler-and-other-halloween-treasure 19:40

Poundland's big brown knobbler and other Hall...

2 weeks ago     42,387 Views    
inside-a-chunky-7w-par30-led-landfill-lamp-good-hack-potential 08:19

Inside a chunky 7W PAR30 LED landfill lamp. ...

2 weeks ago     9,851 Views    
poundland-usb-led-tape 03:15

Poundland USB LED tape.

2 weeks ago     25,919 Views    
adding-electrolyte-to-a-fake-dry-capacitor 18:32

Adding electrolyte to a fake (dry) capacitor.

3 weeks ago     28,288 Views    
mega-raizin-car-fuel-saver-and-booster 16:11

Mega Raizin car fuel saver and booster.

3 weeks ago     27,965 Views    
led-neon-a-new-and-interesting-miniature-variant 13:40

LED "neon". A new and interesting miniature ...

1 month ago     64,774 Views    
diy-keychain-dmx-tester-for-lighting-technicians 27:24

DIY keychain DMX tester for lighting technici...

1 month ago     57,284 Views    
inside-a-samsung-led-retrofit-tube-older-style 30:08

Inside a Samsung LED retrofit tube. (Older s...

1 month ago     18,280 Views    
autopsy-on-a-badly-designed-solar-light-no-lithium-charge-control 19:25

Autopsy on a badly designed solar light (no l...

1 month ago     65,912 Views    
poundland-pifco-penny-pinching-led-lamp-hack-and-schematic 30:18

Poundland Pifco Penny-Pinching LED lamp. (Ha...

1 month ago     49,501 Views    
inside-a-pink-pound-shop-light 03:17

Inside a pink Pound shop light.

1 month ago     56,918 Views    
inside-poundland-s-electric-fly-zapper-bat-with-schematic 08:59

Inside Poundland's electric fly zapper bat. ...

2 months ago     18,159 Views    
failed-2d-led-replacement-lamp-with-schematic 10:43

Failed 2D LED replacement lamp. (with schematic)

2 months ago     21,893 Views    
inside-the-awesome-argos-laser-sphere-with-schematic 19:38

Inside the awesome Argos laser sphere. (with...

2 months ago     53,400 Views    
inside-a-humble-poundland-computer-mouse 10:24

Inside a humble Poundland computer mouse.

3 months ago     23,597 Views    
why-rgb-leds-don-t-always-work-in-solar-lights 07:32

Why RGB LEDs don't always work in solar lights.

3 months ago     24,195 Views    
opening-a-sparkly-lamp-with-a-spiral-of-leds-with-schematic 18:10

Opening a sparkly lamp with a spiral of LEDs....

3 months ago     59,509 Views    


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