Franny Arrieta

learning-how-to-tik-tok-w-the-merrell-twins-i-have-no-clue-what-i-m-doing-lol 16:27

Learning HOW TO Tik Tok w/ The Merrell Twins!...

5 days ago     80,890 Views    
being-boujee-for-the-day-i-got-my-dream-car 22:44

Being BOUJEE for the day (I got my dream car!)

5 months ago     37,633 Views    
trying-my-subscribers-crazy-starbucks-drinks-pt-2 12:58

Trying my subscribers CRAZY Starbucks drinks ...

5 months ago     28,389 Views    
24-hours-without-a-phone 21:48


5 months ago     53,292 Views    
twins-vs-bff-s-twin-telepathy-challenge 17:43

TWINS vs. BFF'S (twin telepathy challenge)

6 months ago     91,210 Views    
questions-you-should-never-ask-your-best-friend-tea-was-spilled 17:25

Questions you should NEVER ask your best frie...

7 months ago     74,606 Views    
letting-fast-food-employees-decide-what-i-eat-for-the-day 11:00

Letting fast food EMPLOYEES DECIDE what I eat...

7 months ago     30,842 Views    
surprising-my-friends-w-this-gift 16:23

Surprising my friends w/ this gift!

8 months ago     25,491 Views    
meeting-up-w-my-bumble-date 16:31

Meeting up w/ my bumble date...

10 months ago     128,315 Views    
boyfriend-girlfriend-compatibility-test-2-0-things-get-weird-lol 12:33

Boyfriend & girlfriend compatibility test 2.0...

11 months ago     350,181 Views    
life-update-q-what-i-hide-from-youtube 11:59

Life update Q (what I hide from YouTube)

1 year ago     14,336 Views    
worst-hike-ever-she-broke-her-phone 13:21

Worst hike ever... (she broke her phone)

1 year ago     20,251 Views    
christmas-whisper-challenge-pt-2 16:28

Christmas whisper challenge pt. 2

1 year ago     64,408 Views    
boyfriend-tag-pt-2-w-ex-roommates 12:07

Boyfriend tag pt. 2 w/ ex roommates

1 year ago     253,516 Views    
birth-control-almost-killed-me-storytime 12:52

Birth control almost killed me... (Storytime)

1 year ago     25,118 Views    
we-finally-talk-about-our-biggest-fight-as-roommates 16:14

We finally talk about our biggest fight as ro...

1 year ago     40,689 Views    
recreating-my-own-halloween-makeup-look 17:31

Recreating my own Halloween makeup look!

1 year ago     79,207 Views    
my-date-was-3-hours-late-car-was-broken-into 16:01

My date was 3 hours late + car was broken int...

1 year ago     24,323 Views    
ex-roommates-react-to-my-old-singing-videos-cringe-af 12:02

Ex Roommates react to my old singing videos (...

1 year ago     37,553 Views    
updated-skincare-routine-acne-is-finally-going-away 11:02

Updated Skincare Routine (Acne is Finally Goi...

1 year ago     50 Views    


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