epic-stalk-on-an-african-animal-long-range 18:34

Epic Stalk On An African Animal - (Long Range)

1 week ago     96,113 Views    
hunting-down-an-unexpected-animal-in-africa-massive 14:42

Hunting Down An Unexpected Animal In Africa -...

2 weeks ago     175,255 Views    
epic-stalk-with-a-bow-in-africa-longest-shot-ever-taken 14:09

Epic Stalk With a Bow in Africa - (Longest Sh...

2 weeks ago     216,735 Views    
hunting-one-of-africas-majestic-animals 16:24

Hunting One Of Africas Majestic Animals!!

3 weeks ago     148,810 Views    
we-are-infested-by-deadly-spiders-googan-warehouse 25:14

We Are INFESTED By DEADLY Spiders - Googan Wa...

1 month ago     112,731 Views    
trapping-fish-in-a-storm-drain-homemade-trap 13:42

Trapping Fish In A Storm Drain - Homemade Trap

1 month ago     140,130 Views    
i-thought-i-would-never-do-this-how-to-get-giant-bass 20:44

I Thought I Would Never Do This...(How To Get...

1 month ago     145,203 Views    
fishing-a-1-000-000-pond 15:49

Fishing a $1,000,000 Pond!!

1 month ago     167,157 Views    
this-thing-is-insane-testing-random-survival-items 13:21

This Thing Is INSANE!! (Testing Random Surviv...

1 month ago     142,412 Views    
i-stole-his-boat 14:46

I Stole His Boat...

1 month ago     113,698 Views    
my-new-kayak-is-here-walkthrough 15:43

My New Kayak is Here - Walkthrough

2 months ago     50,450 Views    
i-was-rescued-off-an-island 13:30


2 months ago     52,962 Views    
ultimate-walmart-survival-challenge-catch-and-cook 15:50

Ultimate Walmart SURVIVAL CHALLENGE - Catch a...

2 months ago     137,615 Views    
can-you-cook-an-egg-with-a-flamethrower 14:22

Can You Cook An Egg With A Flamethrower?

2 months ago     110,466 Views    
i-found-a-massive-mystery-box-full-of-tackle-whats-inside 16:50

I Found A MASSIVE MYSTERY BOX Full Of Tackle ...

3 months ago     106,751 Views    
why-is-this-happening 18:10

Why Is This Happening!!

3 months ago     49,061 Views    
did-i-waste-4-000 20:09

Did I Waste $4,000?

3 months ago     140,154 Views    
bowfishing-nasty-invasive-species 20:36

Bowfishing Nasty Invasive Species

3 months ago     54,727 Views    
fishing-a-tournament-for-big-money 16:43

Fishing a Tournament For BIG Money!

3 months ago     106,277 Views    
my-new-favorite-lake 17:34

My New Favorite Lake!!

4 months ago     166,214 Views    


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