wow-this-is-really-bad 16:24

Wow..This Is Really Bad

2 days ago     121,416 Views    
its-time-to-start-the-renovation-on-my-ranch 14:21

Its Time To Start The Renovation On My Ranch!

6 days ago     119,579 Views    
you-must-watch-this-video 07:23

You MUST Watch This Video!!

1 week ago     229,009 Views    
i-bought-a-strippers-abandoned-storage-unit-whats-inside 16:16

I Bought A Strippers Abandoned Storage Unit -...

1 week ago     205,634 Views    
they-lied-to-me 15:10

They Lied To Me...

1 week ago     227,179 Views    
demolition-ranch-buys-the-weirdest-guns-from-pawn-shops 17:02

Demolition Ranch Buys The Weirdest Guns From ...

2 weeks ago     114,068 Views    
i-found-gold-and-silver-in-an-abandoned-storage-unit 31:46

I Found GOLD And SILVER In An Abandoned Stora...

2 weeks ago     270,798 Views    
i-found-a-safe-in-an-abandoned-storage-unit-biggest-profit-yet 22:52

I Found A Safe In An Abandoned Storage Unit -...

2 weeks ago     217,317 Views    
i-bought-the-weirdest-guns-i-could-find-at-pawn-shops-do-they-work 23:01

I Bought The WEIRDEST Guns I Could Find At Pa...

3 weeks ago     332,044 Views    
war-with-iran 15:47

War With Iran?

3 weeks ago     182,064 Views    
i-found-drugs-in-an-abandoned-storage-unit 17:23

I Found Drugs In An Abandoned Storage Unit

3 weeks ago     144,415 Views    
i-paid-500-for-24-000-worth-of-mystery-returns-amazon-return-pallet-unboxing 23:38

I Paid $500 for $24,000 Worth Of Mystery Retu...

3 weeks ago     198,772 Views    
big-issues-with-my-new-truck 16:20

BIG Issues With My NEW Truck!!

4 weeks ago     136,125 Views    
wow-i-can-t-believe-this-is-happening-nether-regions-are-tingling 21:23

Wow..I Can't Believe This Is Happening - (Net...

1 month ago     95,883 Views    
i-bought-an-abandoned-storage-unit-owner-shows-up-surprise-ending 21:42

I Bought An Abandoned Storage Unit - Owner Sh...

1 month ago     202,596 Views    
walmart-raccoon-trapping-challenge-mean-raccoon 15:27

Walmart Raccoon Trapping Challenge - (Mean Ra...

1 month ago     133,445 Views    
it-s-finally-time-to-trap-these-wild-hogs 16:13

It's Finally Time To Trap These Wild Hogs

1 month ago     118,723 Views    
i-had-to-buy-a-new-truck-not-again 22:05

I Had To Buy A New Truck.....Not Again

1 month ago     77,151 Views    
i-returned-to-the-house-i-grew-up-in-emotional 33:33

I Returned To The House I Grew Up In - Emotional

1 month ago     164,519 Views    
i-found-an-abandoned-storage-unit-i-need-your-help 18:03

I Found An Abandoned Storage Unit - I Need Yo...

1 month ago     230,336 Views    


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