my-rebuilt-lamborghini-gallardo-lp560-is-the-worlds-cheapest-but-is-it-safe-to-drive 15:02

My Rebuilt Lamborghini Gallardo LP560 is the ...

3 days ago     93,842 Views    
rebuilding-10-000-of-lamborghini-frame-damage-using-22-in-aluminum-bar-harbor-freight-tools 18:36

Rebuilding $10,000+ of Lamborghini Frame Dama...

1 week ago     162,127 Views    
i-bought-a-lamborghini-that-crashed-into-a-guard-rail-at-salvage-auction-i-m-going-to-rebuild-it 12:52

I Bought a Lamborghini that CRASHED INTO A GU...

1 week ago     167,641 Views    
driving-my-salvage-ferrari-for-the-first-time-didn-t-end-well-time-for-a-new-supercar-project 17:18

Driving my Salvage Ferrari for the First Time...

2 weeks ago     190,049 Views    
my-cheap-salvage-auction-ferrari-has-a-ton-of-problems-will-it-even-start 15:47

My Cheap Salvage Auction Ferrari Has a TON Of...

3 weeks ago     125,757 Views    
i-bought-a-totaled-ferrari-at-salvage-auction-with-mystery-undercarriage-damage-sight-unseen 20:57

I Bought a TOTALED FERRARI at Salvage Auction...

3 weeks ago     400,338 Views    
i-bought-a-totaled-ford-f250-at-salvage-auction-and-rebuilt-most-of-it-in-a-few-hours 19:46

I Bought a TOTALED Ford F250 at Salvage Aucti...

1 month ago     69,147 Views    
buying-a-reposessed-truck-at-auction-was-a-mistake-it-s-way-worse-than-i-thought 13:43

Buying a Reposessed Truck at Auction was a MI...

1 month ago     180,720 Views    
guy-brought-his-bugatti-to-a-jiffy-lube-for-a-tire-patch-here-s-what-happened 06:49

Guy Brought his BUGATTI to a JIFFY LUBE for a...

1 month ago     68,380 Views    
i-bought-a-cheap-repossessed-honda-truck-from-copart-salvage-auction-how-bad-could-it-be 18:11

I Bought a Cheap Repossessed Honda Truck from...

1 month ago     59,957 Views    
i-bought-3-more-cars-at-salvage-auction-rich-rebuilds-couldn-t-fix-them 13:09

I Bought 3 MORE Cars at Salvage Auction! Rich...

1 month ago     72,035 Views    
i-found-a-lamborghini-at-the-salvage-auction-that-comes-with-all-the-parts-to-fix-it 21:48

I Found a Lamborghini at the Salvage Auction ...

2 months ago     75,764 Views    
crashed-ford-focus-rs-has-frame-damage-repaired-and-painted-so-it-looks-like-factory-new 15:03

Crashed Ford Focus RS has Frame Damage Repair...

2 months ago     53,576 Views    
i-traded-the-world-s-worst-salvage-jetta-for-a-mint-turbo-porsche-sight-unseen 24:59

I Traded the World's WORST Salvage Jetta for ...

2 months ago     26,633 Views    
body-shop-destroyed-the-frame-on-my-focus-rs-here-s-how-we-fixed-it-like-new 16:11

Body Shop DESTROYED the Frame on my Focus RS....

2 months ago     133,047 Views    
a-rare-700hp-wrecked-bentley-showed-up-at-the-salvage-auction-cheap-how-much-should-i-bid 19:27

A Rare 700HP WRECKED Bentley Showed Up at the...

3 months ago     58,256 Views    
unveiling-my-new-salvage-supercar-rebuild-project-but-an-unofficial-tesla-technician-stops-me 13:42

Unveiling my NEW Salvage Supercar Rebuild Pro...

3 months ago     115,933 Views    
i-paid-4-250-for-a-salvage-auction-porsche-911-spent-a-lot-more-to-rebuild-it-100 12:04

I Paid $4,250 for a Salvage Auction Porsche 9...

3 months ago     58,973 Views    
did-offset-buy-his-wrecked-hellcat-back-from-copart-salvage-auction 10:23

Did Offset BUY His Wrecked Hellcat BACK From ...

3 months ago     48,819 Views    
how-to-perfectly-paint-a-wrecked-porsche-911-outdoors 14:13

How to Perfectly Paint a Wrecked Porsche 911 ...

3 months ago     52,721 Views    


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