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stop-telling-people-their-fly-is-down-hannibal-buress 07:00

Stop Telling People Their Fly Is Down - Hanni...

1 day ago     97,759 Views    
do-not-say-this-in-alaska-tone-bell 04:01

Do Not Say This in Alaska - Tone Bell

2 days ago     38,142 Views    
what-going-to-the-doctor-was-like-200-years-ago-joe-machi 07:39

What Going to the Doctor Was Like 200 Years A...

5 days ago     83,449 Views    
why-street-fighter-is-the-most-peaceful-video-game-roy-wood-jr-this-week-at-the-comedy-cellar 05:50

Why "Street Fighter" is the Most Peaceful Vid...

5 days ago     52,817 Views    
growing-up-around-a-lot-of-white-people-shapel-lacey 06:56

Growing Up Around a Lot of White People - Sha...

1 week ago     128,040 Views    
dealing-with-your-arrogant-sports-star-kid-ali-siddiq 03:57

Dealing with Your Arrogant Sports Star Kid - ...

1 week ago     40,025 Views    
the-worst-thing-about-the-nyc-subway-greer-barnes-this-week-at-the-comedy-cellar 04:51

The Worst Thing About the NYC Subway - Greer ...

1 week ago     25,313 Views    
apple-picking-is-only-romantic-for-white-people-cristela-alonzo 07:30

Apple Picking Is Only Romantic for White Peop...

2 weeks ago     73,440 Views    
finding-out-your-uncle-is-on-crack-chris-redd 03:19

Finding Out Your Uncle Is on Crack - Chris Redd

2 weeks ago     52,862 Views    
when-your-roommate-lies-about-her-age-ayo-edebiri-up-next 06:57

When Your Roommate Lies About Her Age - Ayo E...

2 weeks ago     47,714 Views    
dating-someone-who-looks-like-you-teddy-ray 04:54

Dating Someone Who Looks Like You - Teddy Ray

2 weeks ago     47,229 Views    
cheating-vs-being-in-an-open-relationship-chris-estrada-up-next 08:02

Cheating vs. Being in an Open Relationship - ...

2 weeks ago     90,576 Views    
michael-che-every-young-dude-in-here-has-a-trick-to-not-finish-fast 05:54

Michael Che: “Every Young Dude in Here Has a ...

2 weeks ago     558,618 Views    
questions-that-will-blow-your-mind-deon-cole 07:02

Questions That Will Blow Your Mind - Deon Cole

3 weeks ago     68,724 Views    
the-two-kinds-of-guys-who-go-to-a-strip-club-david-spade 06:20

The Two Kinds of Guys Who Go to a Strip Club ...

3 weeks ago     316,809 Views    
being-on-mushrooms-at-19-years-old-vs-28-years-old-dan-st-germain 06:17

Being on Mushrooms at 19 Years Old vs. 28 Yea...

3 weeks ago     50,649 Views    
the-weirdest-part-of-working-in-an-office-hannibal-buress 05:55

The Weirdest Part of Working in an Office - H...

4 weeks ago     63,015 Views    
moving-into-a-white-neighborhood-ali-siddiq 06:34

Moving Into a White Neighborhood - Ali Siddiq

1 month ago     112,094 Views    
finding-your-dad-s-porn-anthony-jeselnik 06:37

Finding Your Dad’s Porn - Anthony Jeselnik

1 month ago     83,384 Views    
greer-barnes-if-i-was-a-white-woman-i-would-rob-black-dudes-this-week-at-the-comedy-cellar 05:13

Greer Barnes: “If I Was a White Woman, I Woul...

1 month ago     151,297 Views    


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