nintendo-switch-games-i-can-t-stop-playing 17:13

Nintendo Switch Games I CAN'T STOP PLAYING!

5 days ago     125,366 Views    
70-great-upcoming-games-for-the-nintendo-switch 16:01

70 GREAT Upcoming Games For The Nintendo Switch!

1 week ago     146,858 Views    
nintendo-s-e3-2019-honestly-what-just-happened 17:52


1 week ago     95,328 Views    
square-enix-s-e3-2019-event-restored-my-faith 14:47

Square Enix's E3 2019 event restored my faith.

2 weeks ago     89,416 Views    
ubisoft-s-e3-2019-event-was-terrible-and-they-know-it 15:33

Ubisoft's E3 2019 event was TERRIBLE and they...

2 weeks ago     163,045 Views    
ubisoft-hates-gamers-live-streamers-confirmed-deleting-later 01:30

Ubisoft Hates Gamers & Live Streamers Confirm...

2 weeks ago     76,839 Views    
did-microsoft-just-win-e3-2019-already 19:30

Did Microsoft just WIN E3 2019 ALREADY?!

2 weeks ago     177,736 Views    
that-pokmon-direct-changed-my-mind-on-sword-shield 13:17

That Pokémon Direct CHANGED MY MIND on Sword ...

2 weeks ago     116,862 Views    
ranking-100-nintendo-switch-games-from-best-to-worst 19:36

Ranking 100 Nintendo Switch Games from BEST t...

3 weeks ago     102,615 Views    
my-girlfriend-i-buy-weird-nintendo-switch-accessories 18:46

My Girlfriend & I Buy WEIRD Nintendo Switch A...

4 weeks ago     82,011 Views    
dear-nintendo-this-is-how-you-make-the-switch-better 24:58

Dear Nintendo: THIS Is How You Make The Switc...

1 month ago     45,168 Views    
10-new-nintendo-switch-eshop-games-worth-buying 21:47

10 NEW Nintendo Switch eShop Games Worth Buying

1 month ago     90,877 Views    
smash-stage-builder-is-hilarious 10:02

Smash Stage Builder Is HILARIOUS

2 months ago     133,674 Views    
the-fake-20-nintendo-switch-controllers 19:27

The FAKE $20 Nintendo Switch Controllers

2 months ago     151,434 Views    
10-nintendo-switch-eshop-games-worth-buying-console-giveaway 21:48

10 Nintendo Switch eShop Games Worth Buying (...

2 months ago     30,966 Views    
wow-that-secret-nintendo-direct-was-the-best-yet 11:35

WOW! That Secret Nintendo Direct Was The BEST...

2 months ago     94,293 Views    
two-new-switches-state-of-play-sucked-google-stadia-is-a-thing 12:06

Two NEW Switches. State Of Play Sucked. Googl...

2 months ago     88,486 Views    
let-s-talk-about-that-freaking-indie-nintendo-direct 19:06

Let's Talk About THAT FREAKING *INDIE* Ninten...

3 months ago     135,186 Views    
now-kim-has-something-to-say-also-nintendo-switch 19:09

Now Kim has something to say... (Also, Ninten...

3 months ago     112,980 Views    
i-have-depression-i-need-your-help 23:28

I have depression. i need your help.

3 months ago     238,108 Views    


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