The Burnt Chip 2

winning-without-pickaxe-challenge-in-fortnite 10:10

Winning without PICKAXE challenge in fortnite...

2 days ago     279,474 Views    
winning-with-no-sound-challenge-in-fortnite 11:23

Winning with NO SOUND Challenge in Fortnite...

3 days ago     219,123 Views    
the-spawn-island-only-challenge-in-fortnite 10:02

The spawn island ONLY Challenge in Fortnite...

4 days ago     265,902 Views    
every-time-i-die-i-gift-something-from-the-item-shop 11:01

Every time i die i GIFT something from the IT...

5 days ago     311,521 Views    
winning-without-aiming-challenge-in-fortnite 12:01

WINNING Without Aiming Challenge in Fortnite...

1 week ago     431,423 Views    
every-time-i-die-i-buy-something-from-the-item-shop 13:45

Every time i die i BUY something from the ITE...

1 week ago     694,481 Views    
i-joined-playground-fill-with-purple-skull-trooper-and-destroyed-they-freaked-out 10:07

I joined playground fill with PURPLE SKULL TR...

1 week ago     147,704 Views    
i-exposed-everyone-s-stats-that-i-spectated-he-s-a-pro 13:11

I EXPOSED everyone's stats that i SPECTATED.....

1 week ago     251,041 Views    
every-kill-that-i-get-i-turn-up-my-sensitivity 12:06

Every Kill that i get i TURN UP my sensitivit...

1 week ago     180,150 Views    
double-pump-is-back-in-season-10 10:16

Double pump is BACK in Season 10

1 week ago     211,677 Views    
i-pretended-to-be-a-noob-in-fortnite-season-x-funny-reactions 11:10

I pretended to be a NOOB in Fortnite Season X...

2 weeks ago     128,733 Views    
i-gifted-my-random-duos-the-season-10-battle-pass 11:21

I GIFTED my random DUOS the SEASON 10 Battle ...

2 weeks ago     177,749 Views    
i-can-only-use-loot-from-the-og-dusty-depot-20-bomb 10:52

I can only use LOOT from the OG DUSTY DEPOT.....

2 weeks ago     216,097 Views    
i-can-only-use-the-guns-bugha-used-to-win-the-world-cup 10:36

I can only use the guns BUGHA used to win the...

2 weeks ago     166,737 Views    
i-exposed-my-random-duos-stats-in-fortnite 11:13

I EXPOSED My Random duos stats in Fortnite...

3 weeks ago     236,949 Views    
every-death-i-switch-servers-challenge-in-fortnite 13:34

Every Death I SWITCH SERVERS Challenge in For...

3 weeks ago     134,996 Views    
swapping-loot-after-every-elimination-challenge-in-fortnite 13:08

SWAPPING Loot After Every ELIMINATION Challen...

3 weeks ago     134,670 Views    
winning-using-only-vending-machines-challenge-in-fortnite 11:05


3 weeks ago     53,300 Views    
exposing-pro-players-stats-in-fortnite-arena 10:02

Exposing PRO Players Stats in Fortnite Arena...

4 weeks ago     60,236 Views    
winning-with-first-gun-only-challenge 12:29

Winning with FIRST GUN ONLY Challenge!

4 weeks ago     57,850 Views    


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