The Burnt Chip 2

winning-a-game-in-all-fortnite-regions-1000-ping 19:30

Winning a Game in all Fortnite Regions... (10...

2 days ago     62,064 Views    
i-played-fortnite-with-the-most-expensive-keyboard 13:39

I Played Fortnite with the Most EXPENSIVE Key...

3 days ago     52,211 Views    
fortnite-but-i-only-have-60-seconds-to-loot 11:15

Fortnite but I only have 60 SECONDS to loot...

5 days ago     49,167 Views    
i-used-a-mouse-keyboard-on-console 11:36

I used a Mouse & Keyboard on CONSOLE...

1 week ago     69,448 Views    
if-we-win-my-crush-gifts-me-a-skin-in-fortnite 10:12

If we win my CRUSH gifts me a SKIN in Fortnit...

1 week ago     56,651 Views    
i-paid-a-pro-fortnite-player-to-carry-me-in-a-fortnite-tournament 12:42

I paid a PRO Fortnite player to Carry me in a...

1 week ago     66,982 Views    
i-went-on-omegle-and-asked-people-to-1v1-me-on-fortnite-facecam 10:03

I went on Omegle and asked people to 1v1 Me o...

1 week ago     47,632 Views    
i-played-with-1hp-the-entire-game-and-won-incredible 10:08

I played with 1HP the ENTIRE GAME and WON... ...

2 weeks ago     123,849 Views    
winning-without-hud-in-fortnite-impossible 10:23

Winning WITHOUT HUD in Fortnite... (impossible)

2 weeks ago     53,384 Views    
i-let-instagram-control-my-every-move-in-fortnite 11:44

I Let INSTAGRAM Control My EVERY MOVE in Fort...

2 weeks ago     197,625 Views    
i-found-an-invincibility-glitch-in-fortnite 10:33

I found an INVINCIBILITY GLITCH in Fortnite...

3 weeks ago     251,106 Views    
i-put-my-instagram-in-my-fortnite-name-and-gained-followers 14:14

I put my INSTAGRAM in my Fortnite name and ga...

3 weeks ago     112,844 Views    
656-days-of-fortnite-progression 15:31

656 Days of Fortnite Progression...

3 weeks ago     133,637 Views    
every-death-i-remove-a-popular-streamer-from-my-friends-list 10:05

Every death I REMOVE a POPULAR STREAMER from ...

1 month ago     81,273 Views    
i-unlocked-the-rarest-skin-in-fortnite-history 11:12


1 month ago     70,029 Views    
freejarvis 07:28


1 month ago     178,714 Views    
i-put-my-discord-in-my-fortnite-name-and-danced-on-every-kill 14:37

I put my DISCORD in my Fortnite name and DANC...

1 month ago     127,817 Views    
i-exposed-new-ghoul-troopers-for-being-fake 10:44


1 month ago     219,863 Views    
the-best-fortnitemares-update-ever 10:01

The BEST Fortnitemares Update EVER!

1 month ago     205,137 Views    
i-put-my-paypal-in-my-fortnite-name-and-made-this-much 10:05

I put my PAYPAL in my Fortnite name and made ...

1 month ago     210,562 Views    


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