se-cupp-don-t-be-surprised-if-this-is-what-undoes-trump 10:09

SE Cupp: Don't be surprised if this is what u...

1 day ago     402,673 Views    
john-kasich-calls-for-trump-s-impeachment-i-say-it-with-great-sadness 10:02

John Kasich calls for Trump's impeachment: I ...

2 days ago     561,071 Views    
mattis-mocks-trump-s-bone-spurs-during-al-smith-dinner-speech 16:45

Mattis mocks Trump's bone spurs during Al Smi...

2 days ago     533,470 Views    
nancy-pelosi-trump-had-a-meltdown-in-meeting 10:21

Nancy Pelosi: Trump had a meltdown in meeting

4 days ago     1,328,226 Views    
pelosi-and-schiff-give-update-on-impeachment-inquiry 23:12

Pelosi and Schiff give update on impeachment ...

4 days ago     379,595 Views    
gop-lawmaker-booted-from-impeachment-inquiry-hearing 02:49

GOP lawmaker booted from impeachment inquiry ...

6 days ago     550,324 Views    
trump-voters-react-to-impeachment-inquiry-this-is-what-they-said-off-camera 03:21

Trump voters react to impeachment inquiry. Th...

1 week ago     563,189 Views    
analyst-reveals-secrets-of-white-house-situation-room 05:59

Analyst reveals secrets of White House 'situa...

1 week ago     186,414 Views    
why-shepard-smith-abruptly-left-fox-news 03:44

Why Shepard Smith abruptly left Fox News

1 week ago     707,792 Views    
judges-rule-against-trump-three-times-in-one-day 05:38

Judges rule against Trump three times in one day

1 week ago     356,954 Views    
protester-climbs-on-plane-instantly-regrets-it 02:01

Protester climbs on plane ... instantly regre...

1 week ago     48,510 Views    
senior-adviser-to-secretary-of-state-mike-pompeo-resigns 08:44

Senior adviser to Secretary of State Mike Pom...

1 week ago     165,109 Views    
watch-trump-s-response-when-asked-about-arrested-giuliani-associates 09:03

Watch Trump’s response when asked about arres...

1 week ago     496,586 Views    
us-attorney-giuliani-associates-arrested-with-one-way-plane-tickets 05:47

US attorney: Giuliani associates arrested wit...

1 week ago     532,881 Views    
trump-warns-mcconnell-about-disloyal-republicans 10:05

Trump warns McConnell about 'disloyal' Republ...

1 week ago     452,293 Views    
you-guys-aren-t-embarrassed-gop-called-out-after-trump-stonewalls-congress-don-lemon 11:12

"You guys aren't embarrassed?" - GOP called o...

1 week ago     538,749 Views    
retired-army-lt-colonel-can-t-contain-his-laughter-at-trump-s-tweet 06:18

Retired Army Lt. Colonel can't contain his la...

1 week ago     455,662 Views    
singapore-prime-minister-i-feel-very-sorry-for-the-situation-which-hong-kong-is-in 05:47

Singapore Prime Minister: I feel very sorry f...

1 week ago     122,061 Views    
former-trump-organization-executive-says-she-expects-trump-will-resign 04:15

Former Trump Organization executive says she ...

2 weeks ago     371,996 Views    
joe-biden-angrily-fires-back-at-trump 04:36

Joe Biden angrily fires back at Trump

2 weeks ago     393,922 Views    


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