dr-phil-catches-his-lie-then-he-does-this 10:13

Dr. Phil Catches His Lie... Then He Does This...

2 days ago     21,327 Views    
dr-phil-exposes-dumb-instagram-model 10:05

Dr. Phil Exposes Dumb "Instagram Model"...

1 week ago     17,257 Views    
dr-phil-baffled-by-woman-that-thinks-she-s-13 10:19

Dr. Phil Baffled by Woman... That Thinks She'...

1 week ago     45,005 Views    
dr-phil-makes-girls-date-creep 10:05

Dr. Phil Makes Girls... Date CREEP...

2 weeks ago     16,212 Views    
dr-phil-makes-grown-man-cry-but-how 10:24

Dr. Phil Makes Grown Man Cry... But How..?

3 weeks ago     18,193 Views    
dr-phil-exposes-scam-artist 10:17

Dr. Phil Exposes SCAM Artist...

1 month ago     8,676 Views    
dr-phil-ruins-evil-parent 10:20


1 month ago     26,381 Views    
dr-phil-exposes-worst-husband-ever 10:19

Dr. Phil EXPOSES Worst "Husband" Ever...

1 month ago     22,006 Views    
dr-phil-can-t-stand-the-world-s-worst-mom 10:12

Dr. Phil Can't Stand The World's Worst Mom...

1 month ago     47,362 Views    
dr-phil-exposes-spoiled-brat 10:08

Dr. Phil Exposes Spoiled Brat...

1 month ago     18,055 Views    
dr-phil-roasts-absolute-loser 10:20

Dr. Phil Roasts Absolute Loser...

1 month ago     10,570 Views    
dr-phil-proves-she-s-cheating-on-her-husband 10:17

Dr. Phil Proves She's Cheating on Her Husband...

2 months ago     82,722 Views    
dr-phil-can-t-handle-this-cheating-husband 10:19

Dr. Phil Can't Handle This Cheating Husband...

2 months ago     27,287 Views    
dr-phil-wrecks-evil-mom 10:24


2 months ago     25,087 Views    
dr-phil-roasts-the-world-s-worst-son 10:12

Dr. Phil Roasts The World's Worst Son...

2 months ago     17,834 Views    
dr-phil-can-t-stand-this-annoying-girl 10:13

Dr. Phil Can't Stand This Annoying Girl...

2 months ago     22,685 Views    
dr-phil-can-t-believe-delusional-girl 10:14

Dr. Phil Can't Believe Delusional Girl...

3 months ago     31,957 Views    
dr-phil-can-t-stand 10:16

Dr. Phil Can't Stand ...

3 months ago     18,497 Views    
dr-phil-can-t-stand-this-brat 10:10

Dr. Phil Can't Stand This Brat...

3 months ago     17,007 Views    
my-dad-is-addicted-to-making-memes 10:20

My dad is addicted to making memes..

3 months ago     13,790 Views    


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