Red Formula

i-pretended-to-be-the-most-toxic-renegade-raider-in-duos-fill-and-this-happened-experiment 13:21

I pretended to be the most TOXIC RENEGADE RAI...

22 hours ago     183,622 Views    
i-played-chapter-2-fortnite-at-2am-and-got-back-to-back-wins-super-sweaty 12:35

I played CHAPTER 2 Fortnite at 2AM and got BA...

1 day ago     141,970 Views    
i-spectated-random-players-in-chapter-2-fortnite-and-was-shocked-at-how-bad-they-are-season-11 12:56

I spectated random players in CHAPTER 2 Fortn...

3 days ago     198,253 Views    
i-asked-strangers-to-buy-me-the-chapter-2-battle-pass-and-this-happened-it-worked 12:03

I asked strangers to BUY me the CHAPTER 2 Bat...

4 days ago     198,264 Views    
i-quit 10:16


6 days ago     438,776 Views    
i-played-season-x-for-my-last-time-ever-and-got-my-highest-kill-record-shocking 13:24

I played SEASON X for my LAST TIME EVER and g...

1 week ago     196,553 Views    
i-blocked-a-kid-on-my-friend-s-list-for-killing-me-in-fortnite-i-confronted-him 11:01

I BLOCKED a kid on my FRIEND'S LIST for killi...

1 week ago     220,940 Views    
i-took-off-anonymous-mode-and-killed-a-ghoul-trooper-and-his-reaction-was-priceless-must-see 12:02

I took off ANONYMOUS mode and killed a GHOUL ...

1 week ago     146,661 Views    
this-girl-is-the-best-sniper-on-fortnite-and-she-amazed-me-by-her-skills-shocking 11:18

This girl is the BEST sniper on Fortnite and ...

1 week ago     165,391 Views    
i-joined-duos-fill-in-middle-east-servers-at-3am-and-this-happened-super-sweaty 11:26

I joined duos fill in MIDDLE EAST servers at ...

1 week ago     113,852 Views    
i-spectated-a-streamer-that-killed-me-next-game-after-i-met-him-in-duos-fill-i-confronted-him 11:15

I spectated a streamer that KILLED me NEXT GA...

1 week ago     151,473 Views    
i-met-a-purple-skull-trooper-and-blocked-him-in-fortnite-because-of-this-shocking 13:55


2 weeks ago     216,360 Views    
i-waited-7-minutes-to-join-a-game-and-spectated-the-best-players-in-the-world-amazing 12:53

I waited 7 MINUTES to join a game and spectat...

2 weeks ago     213,101 Views    
i-met-the-most-toxic-ghoul-trooper-in-duos-fill-and-this-happened-super-sweaty 12:03

I met the most TOXIC GHOUL TROOPER in duos fi...

2 weeks ago     312,057 Views    
this-10-year-old-kid-got-suspended-from-school-and-you-won-t-believe-why-shocking 13:04

This 10 year old kid got SUSPENDED from schoo...

2 weeks ago     280,726 Views    
i-died-and-spectated-a-cheater-using-aimbot-and-watched-him-get-40-kills-shocking 12:43

I died and spectated a CHEATER using AIMBOT a...

2 weeks ago     200,273 Views    
i-paid-3-pro-players-to-play-squads-with-me-and-this-happened-super-sweaty 12:02

I paid 3 PRO PLAYERS to play squads with me a...

3 weeks ago     212,930 Views    
i-played-zone-wars-at-2am-and-couldn-t-believe-how-sweaty-it-was-super-tryhard 12:40

I played ZONE WARS at 2AM and couldn't believ...

3 weeks ago     117,239 Views    
i-met-a-ghoul-trooper-in-duos-fill-and-he-hit-a-trickshot-in-my-game-amazing 14:18

I met a GHOUL TROOPER in duos fill and he hit...

3 weeks ago     210,348 Views    
i-killed-a-famous-youtuber-with-10-million-subscribers-and-this-happened-shocking 12:03

I killed a FAMOUS youtuber with 10 MILLION su...

3 weeks ago     270,613 Views    


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