Red Formula

i-recruited-the-most-toxic-recon-expert-into-my-fortnite-team-new-member 12:02

I recruited the most TOXIC RECON EXPERT into ...

1 day ago     299,882 Views    
i-joined-duos-fill-and-got-my-highest-kill-game-ever-in-fortnite-amazing 11:31

I joined duos fill and got my HIGHEST KILL ga...

2 days ago     274,908 Views    
i-made-a-streamer-dance-in-real-life-for-getting-a-high-kill-win-in-fortnite-super-funny 13:07

I made a streamer DANCE in real life for gett...

3 days ago     326,137 Views    
i-played-fortnite-at-3am-on-a-school-night-and-instantly-regretted-it-super-sweaty 12:15

I played Fortnite at 3AM on a school night an...

4 days ago     363,203 Views    
i-spectated-the-fastest-editor-in-fortnite-and-was-amazed-by-his-skills-he-s-only-14 13:23

I spectated the FASTEST EDITOR in Fortnite an...

5 days ago     378,187 Views    
i-pretended-to-be-a-fake-noob-in-season-x-arena-and-got-a-high-kill-game-amazing 10:31

I pretended to be a FAKE NOOB in SEASON X ARE...

6 days ago     280,411 Views    
i-played-zone-wars-with-the-rarest-skins-in-fortnite-and-this-happened-super-sweaty 12:58

I played ZONE WARS with the RAREST skins in F...

1 week ago     274,901 Views    
i-spectated-players-on-middle-east-servers-and-was-shocked-at-how-good-they-are-amazing 12:55

I spectated players on MIDDLE EAST servers an...

1 week ago     270,193 Views    
this-codename-elf-stream-sniped-me-so-i-added-him-next-game-and-this-happened 10:27

This CODENAME ELF stream sniped me so I ADDED...

1 week ago     291,421 Views    
this-11-year-old-kid-got-32-kills-in-his-highest-kill-game-in-fortnite-shocking 10:32

This 11 year old kid got 32 KILLS in his high...

1 week ago     408,970 Views    
i-got-killed-by-a-faze-member-then-added-him-next-game-and-this-happened-i-m-mad 13:17

I got killed by a FaZe member then ADDED him ...

1 week ago     347,602 Views    
i-spectated-players-on-oceania-servers-and-was-shocked-at-how-toxic-they-are-epic 11:58

I spectated players on OCEANIA servers and wa...

1 week ago     266,108 Views    
i-confronted-a-renegade-raider-that-killed-me-and-l-danced-on-me-emotional 11:02

I confronted a RENEGADE RAIDER that killed me...

1 week ago     321,280 Views    
this-girl-streamer-lied-to-me-about-being-a-pro-player-in-fortnite-she-s-goated 12:25

This GIRL streamer LIED to me about being a P...

2 weeks ago     319,979 Views    
this-famous-streamer-was-toxic-to-me-until-we-became-friends-after-this-shocking 13:15

This famous streamer was TOXIC to me until we...

2 weeks ago     314,490 Views    
i-spectated-the-most-accurate-pro-player-and-was-amazed-by-his-skills-he-never-misses 12:18

I spectated the MOST ACCURATE pro player and ...

2 weeks ago     444,687 Views    
i-joined-squad-fill-with-purple-skull-trooper-and-renegade-raider-and-this-happened 11:49

I joined squad fill with PURPLE SKULL TROOPER...

2 weeks ago     231,532 Views    
i-pretended-to-be-a-fake-noob-in-season-x-and-this-happened-amazing 12:07

I pretended to be a FAKE NOOB in SEASON X and...

2 weeks ago     362,439 Views    
i-played-fortnite-at-4am-and-met-another-renegade-raider-super-sweaty 12:45

I played Fortnite at 4AM and met another RENE...

3 weeks ago     296,723 Views    
i-asked-strangers-to-buy-me-the-season-x-battle-pass-and-this-happened-it-worked 11:37

I asked strangers to BUY me the SEASON X Batt...

3 weeks ago     356,458 Views    


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