Red Formula

i-got-stream-sniped-by-another-renegade-raider-in-fortnite-very-bad 11:56


2 days ago     195,216 Views    
i-spectated-a-kid-with-a-broken-arm-and-was-shocked-at-how-good-he-was 11:41

I spectated a kid with a BROKEN ARM and was S...

4 days ago     137,489 Views    
i-played-fortnite-after-midnight-and-exposed-stats-of-everyone-i-killed-they-re-insane 11:23

I played Fortnite after MIDNIGHT and EXPOSED ...

5 days ago     159,947 Views    
this-kid-tried-out-to-be-my-fortnite-world-cup-duo-partner-should-we-team 10:10

This kid TRIED OUT to be my Fortnite World Cu...

6 days ago     226,393 Views    
i-killed-a-famous-twitch-streamer-in-season-1-and-added-him-in-season-9-fortnite-2-years-later 11:59

I killed a famous Twitch streamer in SEASON 1...

1 week ago     203,554 Views    
i-played-with-the-youngest-fortnite-player-in-the-world-he-s-5-years-old 12:08

I played with the YOUNGEST Fortnite player in...

1 week ago     185,300 Views    
i-met-a-fake-faze-member-and-was-shocked-at-how-good-he-was-he-s-only-11 12:10

I met a FAKE FaZe member and was SHOCKED at h...

1 week ago     262,640 Views    
this-kid-has-the-worst-gaming-setup-ever-so-i-gave-him-money-for-a-new-one-in-fortnite 10:35

This kid has the WORST gaming setup ever so I...

1 week ago     227,499 Views    
i-accidentally-made-a-girl-cry-in-fortnite-random-duos-emotional 13:04

I accidentally made a girl cry in Fortnite ra...

1 week ago     132,066 Views    
i-guessed-how-many-wins-players-have-before-i-kill-them-in-fortnite-very-bad 11:03

I GUESSED how many WINS players have before I...

2 weeks ago     126,754 Views    
i-spectated-the-fortnite-world-cup-cheater-and-was-shocked-when-he-did-this-he-qualified 10:16

I spectated the Fortnite World Cup CHEATER an...

2 weeks ago     294,999 Views    
this-streamer-thought-i-was-a-bot-until-i-showed-him-my-renegade-raider 10:03

This streamer thought I was a BOT...until I s...

2 weeks ago     144,203 Views    
i-joined-a-new-team-and-got-my-highest-kill-game-ever-24-kills 11:55

I joined a new team and got my HIGHEST kill g...

3 weeks ago     240,728 Views    
i-met-a-renegade-raider-and-we-both-died-to-an-aerial-assault-trooper 10:07

I met a RENEGADE RAIDER and we both died to a...

3 weeks ago     92,589 Views    
this-7-year-old-thinks-i-m-using-a-voice-changer-until-i-carried-him-in-fortnite 10:39

This 7 year old thinks I'm using a VOICE CHAN...

3 weeks ago     84,498 Views    
this-11-year-old-kid-has-the-most-angelic-voice-i-ever-heard-you-won-t-believe-this 10:49

This 11 year old kid has the most ANGELIC voi...

3 weeks ago     218,217 Views    
i-met-a-kid-that-plays-fortnite-on-the-wii-we-got-emotional 11:11

I met a kid that plays Fortnite on the Wii......

3 weeks ago     225,198 Views    
this-girl-streamer-thought-i-was-a-noob-until-i-carried-her-in-fortnite 10:25

This GIRL streamer thought I was a NOOB until...

3 weeks ago     79,661 Views    
i-played-fortnite-at-2am-and-got-my-highest-kill-game-of-season-9 10:04

I played Fortnite at 2AM and got my HIGHEST k...

1 month ago     139,400 Views    
i-spectated-a-john-wick-skin-and-was-shocked-at-how-good-he-was-pro-player 10:30

I spectated a JOHN WICK SKIN and was SHOCKED ...

1 month ago     96,307 Views    


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