Red Formula

i-killed-tfue-and-nickmercs-then-wiped-their-entire-squad-reactions 13:23

I killed TFUE and NICKMERCS then WIPED their ...

3 months ago     160,753 Views    
i-caught-kids-hosting-a-fashion-show-in-a-public-match-in-fortnite-they-got-banned 12:11

I CAUGHT kids hosting a FASHION SHOW in a PUB...

3 months ago     97,513 Views    
i-got-called-out-by-a-famous-fortnite-youtuber-drama 12:28

I got called out by a famous Fortnite youtube...

3 months ago     73,341 Views    
i-met-2-girls-who-are-secretly-pro-players-in-fortnite-they-lied-to-me 12:30

I met 2 GIRLS who are secretly PRO PLAYERS in...

3 months ago     128,185 Views    
i-met-this-kid-at-the-world-cup-then-he-stream-sniped-me-in-fortnite-emotional 11:39

I met this kid at the WORLD CUP then he STREA...

3 months ago     104,279 Views    
i-met-a-famous-girl-on-tik-tok-in-squads-fill-she-s-goated 12:35

I met a FAMOUS girl on TIK TOK in squads fill...

3 months ago     106,375 Views    
i-helped-my-duo-partner-get-his-first-ever-girlfriend-in-fortnite-he-asked-her-out 11:00

I helped my duo partner get his FIRST ever GI...

3 months ago     95,247 Views    
i-met-the-most-toxic-couple-in-squads-fill-and-had-a-fight-with-them-super-toxic 12:50

I met the most TOXIC COUPLE in squads fill an...

3 months ago     94,523 Views    
i-bought-a-controller-mouse-for-fortnite-and-it-turned-me-into-this-best-console-mouse 10:53

I bought a CONTROLLER MOUSE for Fortnite and ...

3 months ago     125,202 Views    
i-joined-squads-fill-and-broke-my-highest-kill-record-again-in-fortnite-must-see 13:40

I joined squads fill and broke my HIGHEST KIL...

3 months ago     91,174 Views    
this-10-year-old-is-the-youngest-pro-player-i-ever-met-in-fortnite-he-s-goated 12:47

This 10 YEAR OLD is the youngest PRO PLAYER I...

4 months ago     134,851 Views    
this-couple-met-in-a-fortnite-game-and-have-been-dating-for-over-1-year-super-cute 11:06

This COUPLE met in a Fortnite game and have b...

4 months ago     92,823 Views    
i-met-an-aerial-assault-trooper-and-broke-our-squad-kill-record-in-fortnite-super-sweaty 10:14

I met an AERIAL ASSAULT TROOPER and broke our...

4 months ago     96,479 Views    
i-met-a-rapper-in-squads-fill-and-he-freestyled-for-me-in-fortnite-must-see 13:22

I met a RAPPER in squads fill and he FREESTYL...

4 months ago     119,710 Views    
this-controller-player-got-his-highest-kill-record-in-my-fortnite-game-amazing 10:41

This CONTROLLER player got his HIGHEST KILL R...

4 months ago     134,280 Views    
i-hit-my-best-trickshot-ever-on-a-pro-player-in-fortnite-crazy-reaction 12:01


4 months ago     129,929 Views    
i-witnessed-a-boyfriend-proposing-to-his-girlfriend-in-fortnite-they-got-married 11:20

I witnessed a boyfriend PROPOSING to his GIRL...

4 months ago     128,003 Views    
we-created-a-default-skin-squad-and-got-our-highest-kill-record-in-fortnite-shocking 12:02

We created a DEFAULT SKIN squad and got our H...

4 months ago     112,921 Views    
this-underrated-controller-player-is-my-fortnite-world-cup-2020-duo-partner-must-see 12:51

This UNDERRATED controller player is my Fortn...

4 months ago     162,457 Views    
i-reacted-to-final-emoteroyalecontest-submissions-on-tik-tok-hard-to-watch 10:42

I REACTED to FINAL #EmoteRoyaleContest Submis...

4 months ago     132,917 Views    


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