Sailing SV Delos

hurricane-lorenzo-aftermath-sailing-vessel-delos-ep-252 25:15

Hurricane Lorenzo aftermath.... Sailing Vesse...

3 days ago     19,468 Views    
dream-anchorage-raw-rugged-and-alone-sailing-vessel-delos-ep-251 28:46

Dream Anchorage! Raw, rugged and alone... Sai...

1 week ago     28,786 Views    
deadly-jellyfish-hidden-caves-zodiac-adventures-welcome-to-the-azores-sv-delos-ep-250 29:44

Deadly Jellyfish, Hidden Caves, Zodiac Advent...

2 weeks ago     22,917 Views    
azores-after-13-days-at-sea-sailing-vessel-delos-ep-249 28:04

AZORES after 13 days AT SEA! Sailing Vessel D...

3 weeks ago     94,785 Views    
life-on-the-open-ocean-what-s-it-really-like-sailing-vessel-delos-ep-248 28:18

Life on the OPEN OCEAN! What's it really like...

1 month ago     26,876 Views    
love-boat-strikes-again-sailing-vessel-delos-ep-247 25:02

LOVE BOAT strikes AGAIN! Sailing Vessel Delos...

1 month ago     34,496 Views    
we-sailed-into-a-swimming-pool-sailing-vessel-delos-ep-246 22:17

We sailed into a SWIMMING POOL! Sailing Vesse...

1 month ago     115,652 Views    
bermuda-after-7-days-at-sea-sailing-vessel-delos-ep-245 27:58

BERMUDA after 7 days at SEA! Sailing Vessel D...

1 month ago     109,085 Views    
what-happens-in-the-bermuda-triangle-lightning-storms-naked-swims-sv-delos-ep-244 21:05

What happens in the BERMUDA triangle?! Lightn...

2 months ago     39,819 Views    
46-knot-squall-in-the-middle-of-the-night-sailing-vessel-delos-ep-243 20:51

46 knot SQUALL in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT! Sa...

2 months ago     30,680 Views    
solar-vs-wind-how-much-power-can-you-make-electrical-boat-tech-2-of-7-sailing-vessel-delos 20:16

SOLAR Vs. WIND - How much power can you make?...

2 months ago     26,537 Views    
sailboat-electrical-system-overview-electrical-boat-tech-1-of-7-sailing-vessel-delos 19:12

Sailboat Electrical System Overview - ELECTRI...

2 months ago     43,149 Views    
look-what-you-re-missing-outside-sailing-vessel-delos-ep-242 20:13

LOOK what you're MISSING OUTSIDE! Sailing Ves...

2 months ago     117,982 Views    
delos-ditch-kit-what-to-bring-if-the-boat-sinks-cruiser-university-sv-delos-safety-series 13:55

Delos Ditch Kit - What to Bring if the BOAT ...

2 months ago     32,689 Views    
the-boat-is-ours-muahaha-sailing-vessel-delos-ep-240 35:12

THE BOAT IS OURS! MUAHAHA! Sailing Vessel Del...

3 months ago     29,285 Views    
leaving-delos-feels-good-but-scary-sailing-vessel-delos-ep-239 21:39

Leaving Delos - feels GOOD but SCARY! - Saili...

3 months ago     35,704 Views    
back-in-the-us-after-10-years-of-sailing-sailing-vessel-delos-ep-238 17:22

Back in the US after 10 Years of SAILING! - S...

3 months ago     36,483 Views    
our-last-sail-together-sailing-vessel-delos-ep-237 26:24

Our Last Sail Together - Sailing Vessel Delos...

3 months ago     34,782 Views    
holy-ship-lightning-storm-at-sea-sailing-vessel-delos-ep-235 24:55

HOLY SHIP! Lightning Storm at Sea- Sailing V...

4 months ago     25,896 Views    
brian-s-seahab-challenge-sailing-vessel-delos-ep-234 19:08

Brian’s SEAHAB challenge! - Sailing Vessel De...

4 months ago     39,173 Views    


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