i-have-a-terrible-postpartum-rash 10:23

I Have A TERRIBLE Postpartum Rash!!

20 hours ago     64,154 Views    
her-umbilical-cord-fell-off-early 15:52

Her Umbilical Cord Fell Off EARLY?!

3 days ago     363,106 Views    
finally-bringing-our-newborn-baby-home 20:07

Finally Bringing Our Newborn Baby Home!

5 days ago     109,680 Views    
12-hours-in-the-hospital-postpartum-c-section 09:20

12 Hours In The Hospital Postpartum (C-Section)

6 days ago     114,811 Views    
meeting-their-baby-sister-super-cute-reaction 16:23

Meeting Their Baby Sister!!! (Super Cute Reac...

1 week ago     77,368 Views    
babies-first-24-hours-of-life 19:08

Babies First 24 Hours Of life!

1 week ago     120,323 Views    
i-successfully-induced-my-own-labor-biggest-regret-of-my-life 23:15

I Successfully INDUCED My Own LABOR... (BIGGE...

1 week ago     238,690 Views    
baby-s-name-reveal-siblings-help-unveil 04:06

BABY'S NAME REVEAL!!! (Siblings Help Unveil!!)

2 weeks ago     308,164 Views    
a-message-to-our-unborn-baby 14:54

A Message To Our Unborn Baby...

2 weeks ago     178,490 Views    
dad-s-first-time-shopping-for-baby-hilarious 19:19

Dad's First Time Shopping For Baby! (Hilarious)

2 weeks ago     107,939 Views    
our-2-year-old-was-diagnosed-with-influenza 13:39

Our 2 Year Old Was Diagnosed With Influenza

3 weeks ago     60,859 Views    
something-is-wrong-with-our-toddler 10:45

Something Is Wrong With Our Toddler :(

3 weeks ago     144,082 Views    
punishing-8-yr-old-brother-for-stealing-my 17:32

Punishing 8 Yr Old Brother For STEALING My $$$

3 weeks ago     94,660 Views    
my-pregnant-fianc-bought-all-this-in-one-day 16:39

My Pregnant Fiancé Bought All This In One Day...

4 weeks ago     46,052 Views    
i-made-her-think-her-water-broke-36-weeks-pregnant 16:48

I Made HER Think HER WATER BROKE! (36 Weeks P...

1 month ago     99,460 Views    
my-3-year-old-chooses-our-hair-cuts 09:00

My 3 Year Old Chooses Our Hair Cuts!

1 month ago     43,121 Views    
siblings-react-to-infant-s-heartbeat-in-the-belly-36-weeks-pregnant 12:10

Siblings React To Infant's Heartbeat In The B...

1 month ago     85,542 Views    
getting-emotional-over-building-the-last-baby-items-newborn-prep 25:48

Getting Emotional Over Building The Last Baby...

1 month ago     67,442 Views    
20-foot-fall-onto-my-back-caught-on-camera 19:03

20 Foot FALL Onto My BACK! (Caught On Camera)

1 month ago     139,788 Views    
our-2-year-old-is-a-slob 11:40

Our 2 Year Old Is A Slob?!

1 month ago     79,435 Views    


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