Cody Johnston

some-good-news-some-more-news 20:05

Some... Good News? - SOME MORE NEWS

1 month ago     177,359 Views    
perhaps-ben-shapiro-shouldn-t-be-taken-seriously-by-anyone-about-anything-some-more-news 1:10:16

Perhaps Ben Shapiro Shouldn't Be Taken Seriou...

2 months ago     320,626 Views    
how-to-maybe-criticize-israel-some-more-news 25:56

How To Maybe Criticize Israel? - SOME MORE NEWS

3 months ago     68,042 Views    
the-anti-sex-trafficking-law-that-made-sex-trafficking-worse-some-more-news 17:55

The Anti-Sex Trafficking Law That Made Sex-Tr...

4 months ago     117,844 Views    
is-donald-trump-being-targeted-by-the-deep-state-some-more-news 21:44

Is Donald Trump Being Targeted By The Deep St...

7 months ago     135,235 Views    
why-republicans-and-corporations-and-the-media-are-failing-us-on-climate-change-some-more-news 11:22

Why Republicans and Corporations and the Medi...

11 months ago     530 Views    
this-week-in-history-non-brett-kavanaugh-supreme-court-confirmations 05:37

This Week In History: Non-Brett Kavanaugh Sup...

11 months ago     229 Views    
brett-kavanaugh-is-a-terrible-judge-a-liar-and-republicans-don-t-care-some-more-news 24:48

Brett Kavanaugh Is A Terrible Judge, A Liar, ...

11 months ago     361 Views    
kavanaugh-cohen-manafort-and-their-pal-the-president-are-all-just-liars-some-more-news 22:11

Kavanaugh, Cohen, Manafort, and Their Pal The...

12 months ago     126 Views    
exclusive-the-boars-are-coming-for-us-a-special-news 14:14

EXCLUSIVE: The Boars Are Coming For Us - A SP...

1 year ago     130,901 Views    
the-past-present-and-future-of-qanon-a-conspiracy-that-is-very-dumb-some-more-news 26:50

The Past, Present, and Future of Qanon, A Con...

1 year ago     286,136 Views    
if-you-don-t-want-to-be-called-a-fascist-stop-supporting-donald-trump-a-fascist-some-more-news 18:51

If You Don't Want To Be Called A Fascist, Sto...

1 year ago     344 Views    
even-more-news-podcast-the-terrifying-temptation-of-wanting-everybody-to-have-healthcare-more 45:23

Even More News Podcast: The Terrifying Tempta...

1 year ago     63 Views    
trumpism-is-just-a-synonym-for-fascism-some-more-news 18:37

Trumpism Is Just A Synonym For Fascism - SOME...

1 year ago     581 Views    
kids-in-camps-kardashians-kim-jong-un-and-kaepernick-more-some-more-news 27:24

Kids in Camps, Kardashians, Kim Jong-Un and K...

1 year ago     49 Views    
president-donald-trump-is-so-excited-about-doing-a-war-he-used-to-vlog-about-it-lil-bits-of-news 07:11

President Donald Trump Is So Excited About Do...

1 year ago     49 Views    
elon-musk-media-puerto-rico-and-the-birth-of-the-space-billionaires-more-some-more-news 28:55

Elon Musk, Media, Puerto Rico, and the Birth ...

1 year ago     50 Views    
president-obama-s-5-dimensional-chess-dooms-more-even-more-news-podcast 41:12

President Obama's 5-Dimensional Chess Dooms &...

1 year ago     49 Views    
president-donald-trump-animals-and-the-rise-of-fascism-more-some-more-news 20:16

President Donald Trump, Animals, and the Rise...

1 year ago     187 Views    
are-the-parkland-teens-bullies-and-nazis-some-more-news-lil-bits-of-news 05:03

Are the Parkland Teens Bullies and Nazis? - S...

1 year ago     34 Views    


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