The Patriot Hour

q-we-have-the-source-julian-assange-nothing-can-stop-what-s-coming 06:28

Q We Have The Source. JULIAN ASSANGE? Nothing...

1 month ago     26,084 Views    
q-panic-in-dc-declas-is-gonna-be-nail-in-the-coffin 20:31

Q Panic In DC [Declas Is Gonna Be Nail In The...

1 month ago     17,351 Views    
q-stay-in-the-light 19:17

Q Stay in the LIGHT

2 months ago     25,873 Views    
q-we-stand-together-in-this-fight-wwg1wga 14:30

Q We Stand Together In This FIGHT !!!WWG1WGA!!!

2 months ago     18,393 Views    
q-define-backchannel-public-will-become-aware-doc-dump 12:13

Q Define Backchannel Public Will Become Aware...

2 months ago     26,955 Views    
q-declass-incoming 10:51

Q Declass Incoming

2 months ago     29,921 Views    
the-a-list-people-know-that-q-is-real-and-they-are-all-scared-to-death 11:57

The A List People Know That Q Is Real And The...

2 months ago     39,529 Views    
q-those-who-are-the-loudest-they-never-thought-she-would-lose 08:27

Q Those Who Are The Loudest...They Never Thou...

2 months ago     26,663 Views    
anons-get-ready-for-the-question-to-potus-who-is-q-5-5 17:45

Anons Get Ready For The Question To POTUS: "W...

2 months ago     54,731 Views    
q-drop-put-you-on-notice-cold-on-the-outside-traitor-s-justice 17:01

Q Drop Put You On Notice? Cold On The Outside...

2 months ago     36,769 Views    
q-information-waterfall-buckle-up-traitors-swamp-contains-red-blue 18:43

Q Information Waterfall Buckle up! [Traitors]...

2 months ago     49,590 Views    
q-17-minutes-difference 13:29

Q 17 Minutes Difference?

3 months ago     60,484 Views    
q-fisa-works-both-ways-as-is-leaky 27:31

Q FISA Works Both Ways [AS] Is Leaky

3 months ago     23,387 Views    
judges-have-been-seated-death-chambers-prepared-gitmo-tribunals 17:46

Judges Have Been Seated Death Chambers Prepar...

3 months ago     205,918 Views    
military-tribunals-happening-right-now-in-gitmo-end-game 11:46

Military Tribunals Happening Right Now In Git...

4 months ago     286,315 Views    
q-when-you-no-longer-control-the-levers-of-power-future-won-t-repeat-past 24:22

Q When You No Longer Control The Levers Of Po...

4 months ago     19,167 Views    
q-new-drops-declas-declas-declas-stealth-bomber-foreign-aid 12:03

Q New Drops Declas Declas Declas [Stealth Bom...

4 months ago     44,481 Views    
q-rouge-group-of-usmc-attempt-on-potus-notice-and-demand-x-three 15:35

Q Rouge Group Of USMC Attempt On POTUS? Notic...

4 months ago     342,087 Views    
q-operation-disclosure-in-full-swing-intelligence-alert 15:59

Q Operation Disclosure In Full Swing [Intelli...

4 months ago     25,977 Views    
q-this-message-is-directly-from-our-military-generals-to-the-people 17:46

Q This Message Is Directly From Our Military ...

4 months ago     513,015 Views    


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