Donut Operator

viral-incident-shows-baltimore-police-put-choke-hold-on-child 06:24

viral incident shows Baltimore Police put "ch...

1 week ago     289,637 Views    
cop-tases-pig 02:46

cop tases pig

2 weeks ago     209,013 Views    
cop-viciously-attacked-during-interview-leo-recap 12:20

cop VICIOUSLY attacked during interview - LEO...

2 weeks ago     146,379 Views    
guy-puts-cop-in-coma-but-blue-man-bad 10:08

guy PUTS COP IN COMA, but blue man bad

1 month ago     197,141 Views    
dallas-cop-caught-looting-liquor-store 04:24

Dallas cop CAUGHT LOOTING liquor store!

1 month ago     143,997 Views    
fake-teen-cop-pulls-over-someone-in-front-of-actual-cop 17:26

fake teen cop pulls over someone in front of ...

1 month ago     111,927 Views    
was-belle-delphine-arrested 07:16

was Belle Delphine arrested?

2 months ago     149,238 Views    
i-put-ravioli-in-a-cannae-bag-and-fell-on-it-i-hate-gear-reviews 11:12

I put ravioli in a Cannae bag and fell on it ...

2 months ago     172,869 Views    
ronald-davis-shooting-breakdown-st-paul-mn 05:23

Ronald Davis shooting breakdown - St. Paul, MN

2 months ago     171,882 Views    
thieves-steal-golden-toilet-named-america-from-palace-leo-recap 07:47

thieves steal GOLDEN TOILET named "America" f...

2 months ago     123,815 Views    
road-rage-lady-records-herself-committing-crimes-liar-liar-pants-on-fire 08:38

ROAD RAGE lady records herself committing cri...

2 months ago     117,343 Views    
millions-of-people-are-going-to-storm-area-51-leo-recap 13:35


3 months ago     290,478 Views    
viral-corpus-christi-shooting-breakdown 06:16

viral Corpus Christi shooting breakdown

3 months ago     213,661 Views    
fleeing-white-guy-vs-fleeing-black-guy 1:09:17

fleeing white guy vs. fleeing black guy

3 months ago     154,451 Views    
i-gave-2000-to-cops 15:09

I gave $2000 to cops

3 months ago     62,311 Views    
florida-man-cut-a-dude-s-wobbly-bits-off 21:51

Florida man cut a dude's wobbly bits off

3 months ago     327,406 Views    
sovereign-citizen-bingo-with-penguinz0-come-play 1:31:27

Sovereign Citizen Bingo with penguinz0 COME P...

3 months ago     155,428 Views    
de-von-bailey-shooting-breakdown-colorado-springs 10:35

De'Von Bailey shooting breakdown - Colorado S...

3 months ago     235,259 Views    
yayo-or-bird-poop-leo-recap 09:35

yayo or bird poop? - LEO Recap

3 months ago     128,925 Views    
man-points-revolver-at-lodi-cop-during-intense-traffic-stop 06:02

man POINTS REVOLVER at Lodi cop during intens...

4 months ago     405,541 Views    


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