Donut Operator

naked-guy-ambushes-nypd-resulting-in-the-craziest-crossfire-i-ve-ever-seen 05:59

naked guy AMBUSHES NYPD resulting in the craz...

5 months ago     136,886 Views    
nypd-seized-what 11:44

NYPD seized what?!?

6 months ago     108,545 Views    
the-internet-isn-t-safe 10:22

the internet isn't safe

6 months ago     115,440 Views    
will-yt-delete-my-channel 02:44

will YT delete my channel?

6 months ago     191,381 Views    
this-is-what-happens-when-you-rob-a-bank-and-post-it-on-snapchat 08:09

this is what happens when you rob a bank and ...

6 months ago     64,152 Views    
fake-cop-goes-full-sheepdog-and-shoots-at-guy-after-pursuit 04:16

fake cop goes full sheepdog and shoots at guy...

7 months ago     227,273 Views    
my-gf-s-first-gun-ft-trainshot 07:11

my gf's FIRST GUN - (ft. Trainshot)

7 months ago     80,705 Views    
cops-shoot-suspect-s-mom-then-spartan-kick-him-in-the-face 12:40

cops shoot suspect's mom then spartan kick hi...

7 months ago     1,003,051 Views    
stephon-clark-why-weren-t-the-officers-charged 12:36

Stephon Clark: why weren't the officers charged?

1 year ago     717,942 Views    
gun-buyback-backfired-a-bit 05:07

Gun buyback backfired a bit

1 year ago     77,030 Views    
turkey-self-defense-training 09:00

Turkey self defense training

1 year ago     171,144 Views    
sergeant-john-wick 04:16

Sergeant John Wick

1 year ago     136,167 Views    
old-cop-training-videos-are-hilarious 10:50

old cop training videos are hilarious

1 year ago     143,588 Views    
best-of-florida-man-2018 12:44

Best of Florida Man 2018

1 year ago     162,962 Views    
these-toys-trigger-attorney-badly 10:03

these toys TRIGGER attorney badly

1 year ago     1,776 Views    
brit-cops-are-using-some-nutty-methods-to-stop-moped-crime 06:07

Brit cops are using some nutty methods to sto...

1 year ago     32 Views    
florida-man-stabbed-with-alarm-clock 10:19

Florida man stabbed with alarm clock

1 year ago     673,712 Views    
late-night-crime-talky-talk 1:25:26

Late night crime talky talk

1 year ago     6,399 Views    
six-40-mike-mike-rounds-should-do-the-trick 10:02

six 40 mike mike rounds should do the trick

1 year ago     6 Views    
the-prison-shank-channel-pt-2 05:59

The Prison Shank Channel Pt. 2

1 year ago     984 Views    


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