the-twin-turbo-s10-hits-the-dyno-in-full-savage-mode-and-makes-hundreds-hp-more-than-expected 24:13

The Twin Turbo S10 Hits The Dyno In Full Sava...

3 days ago     43,590 Views    
uncle-sam-goes-drag-racing-round-2-this-is-not-how-we-wanted-this-night-to-end 17:30

Uncle Sam Goes Drag Racing Round 2! This Is N...

6 days ago     65,369 Views    
uncle-sam-s-first-track-day-with-his-supercharged-tsp-427-it-was-awesome 21:29

Uncle Sam's FIRST Track Day With His Supercha...

1 week ago     56,729 Views    
we-made-a-homemade-15-brake-conversion-for-our-1000whp-cop-car-bad-idea-at-150mph 25:05

We Made A Homemade 15" Brake Conversion For O...

1 week ago     24,843 Views    
uncle-sam-hits-the-dyno-to-prep-for-street-car-take-over-he-is-ready-to-run-his-fastest-time 21:12

Uncle Sam Hits The Dyno To Prep For Street Ca...

2 weeks ago     43,389 Views    
my-9yo-blew-up-one-of-my-cars-so-i-traded-work-for-a-new-beater-in-house-competition 20:31

My 9yo Blew Up One Of My Cars....So I Traded ...

3 weeks ago     79,135 Views    
my-wife-brings-her-escalade-to-the-shop-with-holes-in-the-headers-and-exhaust-duct-tape-fix 18:28

My Wife Brings Her Escalade To The Shop With ...

3 weeks ago     65,894 Views    
2-part-wreaks-havoc-makes-my-diesel-undriveable-don-t-let-this-happen-to-you 17:33

$2 Part Wreaks HAVOC & Makes My Diesel Undriv...

4 weeks ago     26,970 Views    
the-twin-turbo-awd-s10-s-latest-mods-are-insane-this-might-be-too-much 17:59

The Twin Turbo AWD S10’s Latest Mods Are INSA...

1 month ago     100,067 Views    
re-designing-our-wheelie-smart-car-to-do-huge-wheelies-it-s-insane-now 18:16

Re-Designing Our Wheelie Smart Car To Do HUGE...

1 month ago     37,018 Views    
assessing-the-damage-to-our-tt-awd-s10-it-s-not-what-we-expected-to-break 18:51

Assessing The Damage To Our TT AWD S10....It'...

1 month ago     78,235 Views    
tearing-down-my-wife-s-supercharged-escalade-possible-hydrolock-catastrophe 17:10

Tearing Down My Wife's Supercharged Escalade....

1 month ago     72,789 Views    
our-twin-turbo-awd-s10-s-first-track-outing-starts-strong-ends-in-disaster 21:56

Our Twin Turbo AWD S10's First Track Outing S...

1 month ago     54,821 Views    
prepping-our-tt-awd-s10-to-make-its-first-real-track-rip-building-the-ultimate-truck-ep-20 17:40

Prepping Our TT AWD S10 To Make Its First Rea...

1 month ago     32,412 Views    
we-dyno-our-smart-car-while-doing-wheelies-does-it-affect-the-wheel-horsepower 14:06

We Dyno Our Smart Car While Doing WHEELIES! D...

1 month ago     57,027 Views    
we-bought-a-smart-car-turned-it-into-a-2-2-wheelie-monster-the-next-day 24:38

We Bought A Smart Car...Turned It Into A 2+2 ...

1 month ago     35,181 Views    
uncle-sam-puts-the-axle-breaker-9000-to-the-test-will-they-survive-1000hp 13:09

Uncle Sam Puts The Axle Breaker 9000 To The T...

1 month ago     86,377 Views    
the-quest-for-1000whp-uncle-sam-gets-a-new-pulley-is-it-enough 24:03

The Quest For 1000WHP! Uncle Sam Gets A New P...

1 month ago     59,004 Views    
first-drive-in-our-twin-turbo-awd-v8-s10-bonus-cleetus-cars-footage-with-chrisfix 24:33

FIRST DRIVE In Our Twin Turbo AWD V8 S10!!! (...

2 months ago     57,840 Views    
the-twin-turbo-awd-s10-moves-under-its-own-power-its-unreal 18:27

The Twin Turbo AWD S10 Moves Under Its OWN PO...

2 months ago     58,558 Views    


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