twin-turbo-v8-awd-s10-build-is-back-to-the-grind-also-whats-inside-our-garage-tour 24:47

Twin Turbo V8 AWD S10 Build Is Back To The Gr...

16 hours ago     44,697 Views    
our-twin-turbo-v8-awd-s10-makes-its-debut-at-lsfest-a-piece-of-history-my-father-built-in-the-ncm 15:25

Our Twin Turbo V8 AWD S10 Makes Its Debut At ...

5 days ago     64,710 Views    
first-start-up-twin-turbo-awd-v8-s-10-and-it-sounds-insane-ep-11 25:17

FIRST START UP!! Twin Turbo AWD V8 S-10 And ...

1 week ago     97,212 Views    
twin-turbo-awd-s-10-gets-its-motor-transmission-and-huge-intercooler-ep-10 21:10

Twin Turbo AWD S-10 Gets Its Motor, Transmiss...

1 week ago     76,534 Views    
the-twin-turbo-awd-s-10-s-manual-transmission-is-here-and-its-insane-ep-9 17:19

The Twin Turbo AWD S-10's MANUAL Transmission...

2 weeks ago     81,304 Views    
twin-turbo-v8-awd-s10-build-pressure-is-on-ep-8-crunchtime 19:35

Twin Turbo V8 AWD S10 Build PRESSURE IS ON! E...

2 weeks ago     112,068 Views    
twin-turbo-v8-awd-s10-brake-throughs-snags-and-pipe-dreams-ep-7 24:25

Twin Turbo V8 AWD S10 "Brake"throughs, Snags,...

3 weeks ago     43,282 Views    
our-awd-twin-turbo-v8-s10-get-some-huge-fab-help-building-the-ultimate-truck-ep-6 23:51

Our AWD Twin Turbo V8 S10 Get Some HUGE FAB H...

3 weeks ago     45,272 Views    
the-awd-twin-turbo-s10-leaps-closer-to-completion-in-building-the-ultimate-truck-ep-5 19:03

The AWD Twin Turbo S10 Leaps Closer To Comple...

3 weeks ago     108,610 Views    
the-awd-s10-s-turbos-are-on-big-problems-and-solutions-in-building-the-ultimate-truck-ep4 18:49

The AWD S10's Turbos Are ON! BIG Problems An...

1 month ago     92,705 Views    
mid-engine-s10-building-the-ultimate-truck-ep-3-v8-tt-awd-m6-s10 22:14

Mid-Engine S10?! Building The Ultimate Truck ...

1 month ago     73,448 Views    
building-the-ultimate-truck-ep-2-from-the-ground-up-and-back-to-the-ground 23:26

Building The Ultimate Truck!? Ep.2 From the G...

1 month ago     88,713 Views    
building-the-ultimate-truck-twin-turbo-awd-s-10-gets-a-new-engine 24:50

Building The ULTIMATE Truck!? Twin Turbo AWD ...

1 month ago     137,854 Views    
feeding-a-duramax-sandwich-to-a-cocky-cummins-driver-mcfarland-vs-fasterproms-rematch 19:08

Feeding A Duramax Sandwich To A Cocky Cummins...

1 month ago     55,090 Views    
ready-for-cleetus-duramax-makes-more-power-than-ever 23:33

READY For Cleetus! Duramax Makes More Power t...

1 month ago     79,112 Views    
i-lost-a-race-so-i-installed-a-nasty-turbo-on-my-duramax-this-is-getting-out-of-hand-fast 22:10

I Lost A Race So I Installed A NASTY Turbo On...

1 month ago     67,177 Views    
our-one-day-built-turbo-crown-vic-hits-the-dyno-and-issues-arise 22:53

Our One Day Built Turbo Crown Vic Hits The Dy...

1 month ago     88,580 Views    
fasterproms-vs-mcfarland-duramax-vs-cummins-diesel-shop-wars 16:34

Fasterproms Vs McFarland. Duramax Vs Cummins....

2 months ago     27,238 Views    
doing-donuts-in-my-customers-supercharged-truck-and-tuning-a-torque-monster-c7-z06 27:27

Doing DONUTS In My CUSTOMERS Supercharged Tru...

2 months ago     45,330 Views    
finally-dyno-tuning-the-crown-vic-now-it-s-time-to-install-the-turbo 14:47

FINALLY Dyno Tuning The Crown Vic! Now It's T...

2 months ago     41,235 Views    


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