drag-racing-and-drifting-our-1000hp-cop-car-will-our-new-axle-handle-the-power 17:40

Drag Racing AND Drifting Our 1000HP Cop Car! ...

1 day ago     72,126 Views    
uncle-sam-hits-the-dyno-on-his-quest-for-1000hp-and-ends-the-night-with-broken-pieces 23:22

Uncle Sam Hits The Dyno On His Quest For 1000...

3 days ago     70,764 Views    
the-quest-for-1000hp-is-on-uncle-sam-s-gigantic-supercharger-screams-to-life 21:49

The Quest For 1000HP Is ON! Uncle Sam’s GIGAN...

5 days ago     66,511 Views    
modded-duramax-vs-awd-supercharged-trucks-for-all-the-cookies 15:15

Modded Duramax Vs AWD Supercharged Trucks For...

1 week ago     32,047 Views    
we-take-the-legend-north-to-run-its-best-time-things-go-sideways 19:24

We Take The LEGEND North To Run Its Best Time...

1 week ago     31,356 Views    
uncle-sam-gets-a-gigantic-new-upgrade-he-s-ready-to-make-huge-power 16:38

Uncle Sam Gets A GIGANTIC New Upgrade! He's R...

2 weeks ago     66,816 Views    
pushing-the-legend-to-its-limits-making-the-most-power-ever-dyno-tuning-before-heading-to-pa 14:21

Pushing The Legend To Its LIMITS & Making The...

2 weeks ago     54,988 Views    
prepping-the-legend-corvette-for-out-of-state-grudge-racing-will-it-be-enough 22:43

Prepping The Legend Corvette For Out Of State...

3 weeks ago     48,965 Views    
uncle-sam-hits-the-dyno-with-his-fire-breathing-supercharged-texas-speed-427 15:39

Uncle Sam Hits The Dyno With His FIRE Breathi...

3 weeks ago     43,130 Views    
giant-leaps-on-our-v8-tt-awd-s10-interior-cage-shifter-driveshaft-and-more 21:45

GIANT LEAPS on our V8 TT AWD S10! (Interior, ...

1 month ago     52,959 Views    
uncle-sam-first-start-up-supercharged-427-cam-sounds-amazing 29:39

Uncle Sam FIRST START UP Supercharged 427! Ca...

1 month ago     51,776 Views    
uncle-sam-is-back-bigger-badder-427-7-0l-engine-6-speed-manual-transmission 19:35

Uncle Sam IS BACK! BIGGER & BADDER! 427 7.0L ...

1 month ago     47,352 Views    
we-found-an-abandoned-1-4-mile-drag-strip-this-is-unreal 13:07

We Found An ABANDONED 1/4 Mile Drag Strip! Th...

1 month ago     27,019 Views    
doing-bad-things-with-a-big-girl-escalade-gets-upgrades-then-takes-on-something-she-shouldn-t 22:05

Doing BAD Things With A BIG GIRL! Escalade Ge...

1 month ago     32,034 Views    
project-twin-turbo-v8-awd-s10-chop-cut-replace-and-uncle-sam-update-ep-14 14:43

Project Twin Turbo V8 AWD S10 Chop Cut Replac...

1 month ago     66,590 Views    
crown-vic-owner-shows-up-to-the-track-uninvited-and-leaves-in-tears-escalade-vs-everyone 19:23

Crown Vic Owner Shows Up To The Track Uninvit...

1 month ago     83,796 Views    
the-guy-that-sold-me-the-s-10-is-demanding-the-old-engine-back-he-doesn-t-know-we-blew-it-up 18:09

The Guy That Sold Me The S-10 Is DEMANDING Th...

1 month ago     79,916 Views    
crazy-swapped-supercharged-copo-colorado-is-new-school-pro-street-also-quips-with-cooper 23:20

Crazy Swapped Supercharged Copo Colorado is N...

1 month ago     64,826 Views    
caged-and-confused-the-twin-turbo-awd-v8-s10-is-coming-together-beautifully-ep-13 24:50

Caged and Confused! The Twin Turbo AWD V8 S10...

1 month ago     87,552 Views    
twin-turbo-v8-awd-s10-build-is-back-to-the-grind-also-whats-inside-our-garage-tour 24:47

Twin Turbo V8 AWD S10 Build Is Back To The Gr...

2 months ago     44,697 Views    


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