bald and bankrupt

the-worst-fishermen-on-the-black-sea 16:19

The Worst Fishermen On The Black Sea!

1 week ago     94,734 Views    
visiting-europe-s-strangest-town 16:43

Visiting Europe's Strangest Town!

1 week ago     210,108 Views    
slavic-girl-meets-georgian-man 19:59

Slavic Girl Meets Georgian Man

2 weeks ago     177,411 Views    
i-gave-a-georgian-taxi-driver-3-and-said-drive 13:23

I Gave A Georgian Taxi Driver $3 And Said Drive!

2 weeks ago     50,153 Views    
sneaking-into-stalin-s-sanatorium-hotel 12:12

Sneaking Into Stalin's Sanatorium ( Hotel )

2 weeks ago     48,554 Views    
this-is-georgia-get-ready 01:33

This Is Georgia...Get Ready!

3 weeks ago     162,792 Views    
stalin-s-soviet-theme-park 13:53

Stalin's Soviet Theme Park!

3 weeks ago     144,438 Views    
don-t-do-this-in-russia 09:14

Don't Do This In Russia!

3 weeks ago     309,613 Views    
you-must-do-this-on-russian-trains 12:23

You Must Do THIS On Russian Trains!

1 month ago     1,032,858 Views    
the-soviet-bunker-and-other-moldova-explorations 25:11

The Soviet Bunker...And Other Moldova Explora...

1 month ago     90,065 Views    
look-what-i-found-in-the-chernobyl-zone 14:14

Look What I Found In The Chernobyl Zone!

1 month ago     190,758 Views    
belarus-village-bbq-party 12:40

Belarus Village BBQ Party!

2 months ago     135,651 Views    
you-won-t-believe-how-this-man-lives-hitchhiker-from-belarus 18:17

You Won't Believe How This Man Lives! | Hitc...

2 months ago     101,378 Views    
return-to-the-belarus-chernobyl-zone 17:58

Return To The Belarus Chernobyl Zone

2 months ago     91,063 Views    
russian-gopniks-for-a-day 20:54

Russian Gopniks For A Day

2 months ago     428,046 Views    
moldova-s-toughest-bomzh-my-friend-vova 09:35

Moldova's Toughest BOMZH | My Friend Vova

2 months ago     43,239 Views    
babushkas-want-to-find-me-a-wife 13:44

Babushkas Want To Find Me A Wife!

2 months ago     155,917 Views    
abandoned-soviet-fairground-ride-in-a-country-that-does-not-exist 18:31

Abandoned Soviet Fairground Ride In A Country...

3 months ago     779,154 Views    
hidden-europe-the-road-to-ratus 19:13

Hidden Europe | The Road To Ratus

3 months ago     56,512 Views    
nobody-visits-this-country-find-out-why 16:24

Nobody Visits This Country...Find Out Why

3 months ago     81,536 Views    


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