Ownage Pranks

trump-hater-tracked-by-russian-spy-for-over-a-year 08:37

Trump Hater Tracked by Russian Spy for OVER A...

6 months ago     187,278 Views    
finding-a-lost-phone-in-vegas-freakout 08:50

Finding a Lost Phone in Vegas (freakout)

6 months ago     113,317 Views    
black-guy-knocks-up-racist-guy-s-daughter-animated 05:33

Black Guy Knocks Up Racist Guy's Daughter (AN...

6 months ago     68,016 Views    
crazy-fbi-scammer-ruins-christmas-new-animation 06:23

Crazy FBI Scammer Ruins Christmas (+ new anim...

7 months ago     86,622 Views    
arrogant-brooklyn-hipster-pranked-twice 11:42

Arrogant Brooklyn Hipster Pranked TWICE

1 year ago     161,953 Views    
homeless-guy-banned-from-wendy-s 06:54

Homeless Guy BANNED from Wendy's

1 year ago     180,714 Views    
the-most-patient-canadian-ever-loses-it 14:04

The Most Patient Canadian Ever LOSES IT

1 year ago     153,642 Views    
how-to-survive-the-government-shutdown 06:35

How to Survive the Government Shutdown

1 year ago     48,936 Views    
creepy-indian-vs-jealous-boyfriend 10:03

Creepy Indian vs. Jealous Boyfriend

1 year ago     291,850 Views    
cheating-husband-exposed-by-mistress 07:24

Cheating Husband EXPOSED by Mistress

1 year ago     245,269 Views    
indian-scammer-destroys-guy-in-the-uk-epic-rage 08:59

Indian Scammer Destroys Guy in the UK (Epic R...

1 year ago     70,840 Views    
driving-a-tattoo-artist-insane-stop-motion-animation 05:42

Driving a Tattoo Artist INSANE (Stop Motion A...

1 year ago     179,155 Views    
getting-a-scammer-to-sing-ariana-grande-crazy 08:42

Getting a Scammer to Sing Ariana Grande (crazy)

1 year ago     107,808 Views    
african-guy-bombs-job-interview-hilarious 19:41

African Guy BOMBS Job Interview (hilarious)

1 year ago     88,193 Views    
asking-a-stranger-to-hide-my-drugs 07:41

Asking a Stranger to Hide My Drugs!

1 year ago     415 Views    
saudi-guy-robbed-with-fake-gun-then-mugged-by-scammer 13:45

Saudi Guy Robbed with FAKE GUN Then Mugged by...

1 year ago     2,725 Views    
brawl-in-the-hood-caught-on-tape 13:52

Brawl in the Hood (Caught on Tape)

1 year ago     4,066 Views    
revenge-on-lying-arab-restaurant-owner 15:41

REVENGE on Lying Arab Restaurant Owner

1 year ago     295,730 Views    
the-world-s-worst-asian-restaurant-crazy-owner 10:11

The World's Worst Asian Restaurant (crazy own...

1 year ago     222,588 Views    
arab-guy-destroyed-by-credit-card-scammer-insane 25:26

Arab Guy Destroyed by Credit Card Scammer (in...

1 year ago     288,460 Views    


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