The Fish Whisperer

feeding-bass-the-biggest-shad-ever 03:38

Feeding Bass the Biggest Shad Ever!

2 months ago     25,406 Views    
bass-love-salamanders 03:02

Bass Love Salamanders!!

2 months ago     27,893 Views    
bass-love-worms 05:17

Bass Love Worms!!

2 months ago     1,797 Views    
best-bass-blowups-of-2018 02:16

Best Bass Blowups of 2018!

2 months ago     10,772 Views    
day-in-the-life-of-a-turtle 03:00

Day in the Life of a Turtle

5 months ago     256,328 Views    
bass-olympics-2018 02:18

Bass Olympics 2018

8 months ago     118 Views    
fly-fishing-a-remote-mountain-lake 05:22

Fly Fishing a Remote Mountain Lake

8 months ago     50 Views    
bass-jumps-through-a-hoop 02:02

Bass Jumps Through a Hoop!

9 months ago     166 Views    
cast-netting-schooling-shad 06:23

Cast Netting Schooling Shad!

9 months ago     147 Views    
goodbye-austin 04:36

Goodbye Austin!

10 months ago     32,016 Views    
white-bass-overload 07:56

White Bass Overload!!

1 year ago     52 Views    
the-shad-are-everywhere 10:05

The Shad Are Everywhere!

1 year ago     50 Views    
bass-love-shiners 04:09

Bass Love Shiners!

1 year ago     0 Views    
bass-love-nightcrawlers 03:43

Bass Love Nightcrawlers!

1 year ago     122,693 Views    
feeding-the-fish-in-the-rain 02:46

Feeding the Fish in the Rain!

1 year ago     23,634 Views    
catfish-like-to-be-petted 02:30

Catfish Like to be Petted!

1 year ago     41,677,068 Views    
the-turtles-are-back 04:22

The Turtles Are Back!

1 year ago     121,284 Views    
that-s-not-a-catfish 06:45

That's Not a Catfish!

1 year ago     4,411,753 Views    
most-fish-i-ve-ever-caught-in-a-cast-net 03:24

Most Fish I've Ever Caught in a Cast Net!!

1 year ago     3,367,791 Views    
biggest-fish-i-ve-ever-caught-feat-blacktiph 13:10

Biggest Fish I've Ever Caught! (feat. Blacktiph)

2 years ago     8,881 Views    


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