The Fish Whisperer

catching-dinosaur-fish-without-hooks 12:01

Catching Dinosaur Fish Without Hooks!

2 days ago     72,504 Views    
turtles-love-crickets 04:03

Turtles Love Crickets!

1 week ago     51,163 Views    
tank-bit-me 03:51

Tank Bit Me!

2 weeks ago     106,920 Views    
feeding-my-pet-alligator-gar-using-fish-trap 03:37

Feeding My Pet Alligator Gar using Fish Trap!

3 weeks ago     33,607 Views    
turtles-love-pizza 04:51

Turtles Love Pizza!

4 weeks ago     147,422 Views    
building-a-new-turtle-ramp 04:21

Building a New Turtle Ramp!

1 month ago     431,170 Views    
turtles-love-popsicles 04:35

Turtles Love Popsicles!

1 month ago     208,423 Views    
turtles-love-watermelon 03:50

Turtles Love Watermelon!

1 month ago     87,213 Views    
turtles-love-carrots 03:03

Turtles Love Carrots!

2 months ago     591,253 Views    
my-pet-alligator-gar-is-huge 06:31

My Pet Alligator Gar is Huge!

2 months ago     123,449 Views    
i-strapped-a-gopro-on-a-turtle 03:54

I Strapped a GoPro On a Turtle

2 months ago     33,191 Views    
using-carp-as-bait-for-prehistoric-fish 08:30


2 months ago     41,338 Views    
monster-bass-love-shad 10:54

Monster Bass Love Shad!

3 months ago     47,148 Views    
pet-alligator-gar-eats-big-minnow 04:07

Pet Alligator Gar Eats Big Minnow!!

3 months ago     50,012 Views    
my-pet-alligator-gar-are-growing-up 05:59

My Pet Alligator Gar Are Growing Up!

4 months ago     63,287 Views    
pet-alligator-gar-eating-live-minnows 04:07

Pet Alligator Gar Eating Live Minnows!!

4 months ago     41,731 Views    
feeding-bass-the-biggest-shad-ever 03:38

Feeding Bass the Biggest Shad Ever!

7 months ago     25,406 Views    
bass-love-salamanders 03:02

Bass Love Salamanders!!

7 months ago     27,894 Views    
bass-love-worms 05:17

Bass Love Worms!!

7 months ago     1,797 Views    
best-bass-blowups-of-2018 02:16

Best Bass Blowups of 2018!

7 months ago     10,772 Views    


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