Kruger Sightings

hyenas-team-up-against-hurt-rhino 04:17

Hyenas Team Up Against Hurt Rhino

5 days ago     90,147 Views    
hyena-saves-warthog-from-leopard 01:16

Hyena Saves Warthog from Leopard

3 weeks ago     72,411 Views    
crocodile-attacks-a-leopard-trying-to-steal-its-food 03:27

Crocodile Attacks a Leopard Trying To Steal I...

1 month ago     350,634 Views    
battle-between-jackals-wildebeest-mother-over-baby 04:57

Battle Between Jackals & Wildebeest Mother ov...

2 months ago     84,240 Views    
elephant-tramples-rhino-baby 01:23

Elephant Tramples Rhino & Baby!

2 months ago     499,959 Views    
this-is-how-you-handle-a-rhino-charge 02:24

This is How You Handle a Rhino Charge

2 months ago     313,157 Views    
leopard-tries-to-escape-pride-of-lions 02:19

Leopard Tries to Escape Pride of Lions

3 months ago     126,198 Views    
male-lion-takes-on-kudu-in-the-road 02:14

Male Lion Takes on Kudu in the Road

3 months ago     98,365 Views    
one-lioness-tries-to-hunt-elephant 02:27

One Lioness Tries to Hunt Elephant

4 months ago     85,379 Views    
hippo-learns-lesson-from-rhinos 02:45

Hippo Learns Lesson From Rhinos

5 months ago     134,047 Views    
wild-dog-plays-dead-to-escape-lion 01:49

Wild Dog Plays Dead To Escape Lion

6 months ago     156,516 Views    
warthog-doesn-t-realize-the-7-lions-behind-it 01:47

Warthog Doesn't Realize the 7 Lions Behind It!

6 months ago     187,713 Views    
herd-rescues-buffalo-from-lions-and-crocodiles 05:05

Herd Rescues Buffalo from Lions and Crocodiles!

7 months ago     100,240 Views    
half-an-impala-tries-escaping-hyena 01:53

Half an Impala Tries Escaping Hyena

7 months ago     160,948 Views    
hyena-protects-den-from-intruding-wild-dogs 02:18

Hyena Protects Den From Intruding Wild Dogs

8 months ago     105,307 Views    
hippo-steals-kudu-from-wild-dogs 02:37

Hippo Steals Kudu from Wild Dogs

8 months ago     351,258 Views    
this-is-why-the-lionesses-hunt 01:05

This Is Why The Lionesses Hunt

8 months ago     84,928 Views    
honey-badger-rescues-her-baby-from-leopard 01:31

Honey Badger Rescues Her Baby from Leopard

9 months ago     911,094 Views    
how-not-to-wake-up-a-lioness 02:27

How Not to Wake Up a Lioness!

9 months ago     212,781 Views    
epic-giraffe-gives-lions-a-ride 02:18

EPIC: Giraffe Gives Lions a Ride!

9 months ago     98,344 Views    


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