my-permanent-transformation 13:25

my permanent transformation

1 week ago     191,119 Views    
dying-my-hair-pink-then-letting-dez-cut-it 07:38

dying my hair pink then letting dez cut it

3 weeks ago     198,595 Views    
leaving-the-state-the-day-before-school-starts 10:21

leaving the state the day before school starts

3 months ago     107,114 Views    
natural-back-to-school-makeup-tutorial 07:59


4 months ago     53,340 Views    
rearranging-my-room-and-painting-my-wall 08:09

rearranging my room and painting my wall

6 months ago     126,342 Views    
have-you-ever-wondered-what-a-sweet-16-is-like 08:21

have you ever wondered what a sweet 16 is like?

6 months ago     137,106 Views    
i-dressed-as-a-different-aesthetic-everyday-for-a-week 11:37

i dressed as a different aesthetic everyday f...

7 months ago     347,899 Views    
diversity-on-youtube-there-is-none 17:00

Diversity on Youtube (there is none)

7 months ago     170,164 Views    
this-is-what-online-school-is-really-like 09:52

this is what online school is really like...

8 months ago     107,459 Views    
impulsively-bleaching-my-hair-behind-my-moms-back 11:12

impulsively bleaching my hair behind my moms ...

8 months ago     136,125 Views    
i-let-guys-on-tinder-choose-my-makeup 14:59

i let guys on tinder choose my makeup

8 months ago     81,069 Views    
doing-my-makeup-for-the-first-time-in-a-month 10:23

doing my makeup for the first time in a month !

8 months ago     199,680 Views    
a-day-in-my-oddly-entertaining-life 08:54

a day in my oddly entertaining life

9 months ago     135,988 Views    
i-painted-the-bratz-doll-meme 08:19

i painted the bratz doll meme

9 months ago     145,592 Views    
a-valentines-day-makeup-look-but-i-have-no-valentine 09:14

a valentines day makeup look but i have no va...

9 months ago     326,895 Views    
i-straightened-my-hair-for-the-first-time-in-a-year 06:44

i straightened my hair for the first time in ...

10 months ago     583,787 Views    
my-last-day-of-public-school 12:22

my last day of public school

11 months ago     283,181 Views    
i-wore-a-wig-to-school-again 15:23

i wore a wig to school again

11 months ago     804,748 Views    
i-wore-solid-colors-to-school-for-a-week 31:21

i wore solid colors to school for a week

11 months ago     330,282 Views    
people-at-school-judge-my-outfits-for-a-week 17:35

people at school judge my outfits for a week

1 year ago     512 Views    


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