Jackie Aina

why-you-shouldn-t-touch-black-womens-hair 32:11

Why You Shouldn't Touch Black Womens Hair

4 months ago     73,479 Views    
yo-skin-dry-af-here-s-why-jackie-aina 32:59

Yo Skin DRY AF! Here's Why! | Jackie Aina

5 months ago     264,085 Views    
liquid-powder-girl-how-farsali-review-demo 23:09

LIQUID POWDER, GIRL? HOW!?! Farsali Review + ...

5 months ago     144,760 Views    
soft-glam-but-make-it-drugstore-jackie-aina 29:06

Soft Glam, But Make It Drugstore...? | Jackie...

5 months ago     102,232 Views    
what-the-hell-is-soft-glam-makeup 32:51

What The Hell is SOFT GLAM MAKEUP?!

6 months ago     145,254 Views    
let-s-get-glam-together-makeup-outfit-too-jackie-aina 11:21

Let's Get GLAM Together! Makeup + Outfit Too!...

1 year ago     276,210 Views    
abh-did-what-riviera-palette-review-jackie-aina 19:19

ABH Did WHAT?!! RIVIERA PALETTE Review | Jack...

1 year ago     328,495 Views    
what-we-all-can-learn-from-jordyn-woods-jackie-aina 25:35

What We ALL Can Learn from Jordyn Woods | Jac...

1 year ago     60,305 Views    
full-face-of-products-yall-let-flop-jackie-aina 25:55

Full Face of Products YALL LET FLOP! | Jackie...

1 year ago     207,505 Views    
i-m-ditching-wigs-spend-the-day-get-glam-with-me-jackie-aina 21:52

I'm DITCHING WIGS! Spend the Day & Get Glam W...

1 year ago     65,567 Views    
i-tried-keyshia-ka-oir-s-makeup-line-and-was-surprised-jackie-aina 23:00

I Tried KEYSHIA KA'OIR's MAKEUP LINE and was....

1 year ago     167,361 Views    
e-l-f-has-a-new-concealer-and-i-m-jackie-aina 22:20

E.L.F. Has a New Concealer And I'm... | Jacki...

1 year ago     233,704 Views    
blind-guessing-my-foundations-chiiile-this-is-hard-jackie-aina 26:52

Blind Guessing My Foundations!! Chiiile This ...

1 year ago     216,247 Views    
unpopular-opinions-beauty-guru-edition-jackie-aina 26:53

Unpopular Opinions: Beauty Guru Edition | Jac...

1 year ago     101,960 Views    
at-home-brow-tattoo-maybelline-brow-tattoo-studio-jackie-aina 15:11

AT HOME BROW TATTOO?! Maybelline Brow Tattoo ...

1 year ago     421,484 Views    
i-mixed-all-my-foundations-with-the-same-shade-name-together-and-girlll 23:46

I Mixed ALL My Foundations With The Same Shad...

1 year ago     175,107 Views    
morphe-morphe-morphe-hmm-jackie-aina 25:45

Morphe Morphe Morphe, Hmm....... | Jackie Aina

1 year ago     226,856 Views    
has-fenty-done-it-again-pro-filt-r-concealer-setting-powder-review-jackie-aina 21:20

Has FENTY Done It Again?! Pro Filt'r Conceale...

1 year ago     255,832 Views    
my-last-tutorial-of-2018-bye-girl-jackie-aina 12:42

MY LAST TUTORIAL of 2018!!! BYE GIRL! | Jacki...

1 year ago     227,866 Views    
what-happens-if-i-try-foundations-with-the-same-shade-name-jackie-aina 12:40

What Happens If I Try Foundations With the Sa...

1 year ago     238,187 Views    


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