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when-giant-hypercarnivores-prowled-africa 10:24

When Giant Hypercarnivores Prowled Africa

11 hours ago     100,648 Views    
how-we-domesticated-cats-twice 08:13

How We Domesticated Cats (Twice)

1 week ago     99,580 Views    
were-these-monsters-inspired-by-fossils 13:11

Were These Monsters Inspired by Fossils?

3 weeks ago     64,058 Views    
when-hobbits-were-real 10:28

When Hobbits Were Real

4 weeks ago     186,425 Views    
the-case-of-the-dinosaur-egg-thief 08:14

The Case of the Dinosaur Egg Thief

1 month ago     42,415 Views    
when-antarctica-was-green 12:14

When Antarctica Was Green

1 month ago     67,316 Views    
when-giant-lemurs-ruled-madagascar 10:40

When Giant Lemurs Ruled Madagascar

1 month ago     52,618 Views    
how-pterosaurs-got-their-wings 09:05

How Pterosaurs Got Their Wings

2 months ago     65,196 Views    
when-bats-took-flight 11:37

When Bats Took Flight

2 months ago     78,681 Views    
the-raptor-that-made-us-rethink-dinosaurs 09:02

The Raptor That Made Us Rethink Dinosaurs

2 months ago     83,530 Views    
the-missing-link-that-wasn-t 10:17

The Missing Link That Wasn’t

2 months ago     240,130 Views    
was-this-dinosaur-a-cannibal 11:11

Was This Dinosaur a Cannibal?

3 months ago     68,781 Views    
when-giant-deer-roamed-eurasia 07:06

When Giant Deer Roamed Eurasia

3 months ago     71,180 Views    
how-earth-s-first-unkillable-animals-saved-the-world 10:39

How Earth's First, Unkillable Animals Saved t...

3 months ago     92,428 Views    
when-we-met-other-human-species 13:29

When We Met Other Human Species

4 months ago     269,005 Views    
when-reptiles-led-a-revolution-in-the-seas 09:58

When Reptiles Led a Revolution in the Seas

4 months ago     79,438 Views    
when-the-synapsids-struck-back 10:55

When the Synapsids Struck Back

5 months ago     182,913 Views    
the-hellacious-lives-of-the-hell-pigs 07:57

The Hellacious Lives of the "Hell Pigs"

5 months ago     73,666 Views    
the-ghostly-origins-of-the-big-cats 08:32

The Ghostly Origins of the Big Cats

6 months ago     105,608 Views    
the-croc-that-ran-on-hooves 09:08

The Croc That Ran on Hooves

6 months ago     204,438 Views    


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