Mark Dice

what-is-going-on-here 04:19

What Is Going On Here?

1 week ago     209,326 Views    
thoughtcrime 05:00


1 week ago     182,773 Views    
bill-maher-sees-the-light 04:00

Bill Maher Sees the Light?

1 week ago     233,016 Views    
tucker-carlson-reveals-new-nickname-for-brian-stelter 04:24

Tucker Carlson Reveals New Nickname for Brian...

1 week ago     214,668 Views    
democrats-are-playing-more-games 04:48

Democrats Are Playing More Games

2 weeks ago     136,454 Views    
is-it-finally-over 05:26

Is It Finally Over?

2 weeks ago     181,653 Views    
jack-dorsey-finally-admits-it 06:00

Jack Dorsey Finally Admits It

2 weeks ago     207,222 Views    
msnbc-has-had-enough-of-alexandria-ocasio-cortez-s-dumbness 04:04

MSNBC Has Had Enough of Alexandria Ocasio-Cor...

2 weeks ago     231,640 Views    
new-ghostbusters-3-movie-triggers-libtards 04:17

New Ghostbusters 3 Movie Triggers Libtards

4 weeks ago     214,500 Views    
mission-accomplished 05:29

Mission Accomplished!

1 month ago     162,137 Views    
she-s-truly-a-genius 04:12

She's Truly a Genius

1 month ago     273,754 Views    
joe-rogan-is-an-idiot 05:33

Joe Rogan is an Idiot

1 month ago     170,400 Views    
look-what-the-russian-bots-are-being-blamed-for-now 04:07

Look What the Russian Bots Are Being Blamed f...

1 month ago     181,634 Views    
you-ll-never-guess 04:10

You'll Never Guess

1 month ago     298,144 Views    
i-can-t-wait 03:55

I Can't Wait

1 month ago     145,278 Views    
we-can-all-rest-easy-now 04:06

We Can All Rest Easy Now

1 month ago     142,783 Views    
it-s-a-great-day-for-journalism 05:31

It’s a Great Day for Journalism

1 month ago     214,890 Views    
they-just-keep-on-going 05:33

They Just Keep on Going

1 month ago     244,843 Views    
we-have-to-take-a-stand 05:00

We Have to Take a Stand

1 month ago     206,097 Views    
what-s-really-going-on 05:03

What's Really Going On

2 months ago     184,020 Views    


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