Mark Dice

i-called-it 05:46

I Called It!

3 days ago     195,786 Views    
cnn-gets-a-taste-of-their-own-medicine 07:04

CNN Gets a Taste of Their Own Medicine

5 days ago     234,975 Views    
cnn-s-lgbt-town-hall-goes-off-the-rails 07:06

CNN's LGBT Town Hall Goes Off the Rails

6 days ago     186,873 Views    
they-re-all-commies 05:07

They're All Commies!

1 week ago     154,801 Views    
south-park-predicts-the-future 05:20

South Park Predicts The Future

1 week ago     161,082 Views    
problem-solved 08:08

Problem Solved!

1 week ago     229,642 Views    
elizabeth-warren-gets-a-big-surprise-at-the-airport 06:18

Elizabeth Warren Gets a Big Surprise at the A...

2 weeks ago     246,471 Views    
speaking-of-losers 06:59

Speaking of Losers...

2 weeks ago     222,665 Views    
meet-their-new-leader 05:50

Meet Their New Leader!

3 weeks ago     261,464 Views    
msnbc-s-climate-change-special-goes-off-the-rails 08:18

MSNBC's Climate Change Special Goes Off The R...

3 weeks ago     162,111 Views    
the-secret-of-alexandria-ocasio-cortez-s-success 06:01

The Secret of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's Success

1 month ago     218,804 Views    
this-could-only-happen-in-california 06:04

This Could Only Happen in California!

1 month ago     224,635 Views    
the-circus-is-back-in-town 06:08


1 month ago     208,451 Views    
democrats-latest-bright-idea 05:48

Democrats' Latest Bright Idea

1 month ago     207,001 Views    
big-tech-news-today 06:34

Big Tech News Today!

1 month ago     92,931 Views    
he-s-in-big-trouble-now 06:09

He's In Big Trouble Now

1 month ago     202,542 Views    
i-think-these-people-are-serious 07:25

I Think These People Are Serious!

1 month ago     222,304 Views    
the-last-real-comedian-on-earth 04:54

The Last Real Comedian On Earth?

1 month ago     243,767 Views    
msnbc-finally-apologizes 06:00

MSNBC Finally Apologizes

1 month ago     174,622 Views    
rachel-maddow-scores-big-exclusive 05:44

Rachel Maddow Scores "Big Exclusive"

1 month ago     170,801 Views    


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