john-oliver-lies-for-aoc 11:07

John Oliver Lies For AOC

4 days ago     34,603 Views    
cenk-lies-for-jussie-smollett 15:38

Cenk Lies For Jussie Smollett

1 month ago     35,643 Views    
cenk-tries-to-rewrite-history 16:25

Cenk Tries to Rewrite History

1 month ago     29,471 Views    
adam-ruins-everything-hates-jokes 17:29

Adam Ruins Everything Hates Jokes

3 months ago     19,749 Views    
tyt-lies-for-cyntoia-brown 10:59

TYT Lies For Cyntoia Brown

4 months ago     81,626 Views    
francis-wants-to-see-this 17:17

Francis wants to see this

4 months ago     27,546 Views    
tyt-can-t-stop-lying 13:45

TYT Can't Stop Lying

4 months ago     23,893 Views    
adam-ruins-everything-fails-on-gun-control 21:43

Adam Ruins Everything Fails on Gun Control

5 months ago     40 Views    
tyt-s-most-regressive-panelist 10:48

TYT's Most Regressive Panelist

6 months ago     19,495 Views    
campaign-ad-in-textbooks 02:49

Campaign Ad in Textbooks

6 months ago     27 Views    
save-aiu-freetheroo 02:35

Save AIU #FreeTheRoo

7 months ago     30 Views    
school-says-white-people-can-t-feel-empathy 05:27

School Says White People Can't Feel Empathy

7 months ago     40 Views    
better-help-me-make-money 04:46

Better Help me Make Money

7 months ago     13 Views    
cenk-s-nephew-believewomen-is-due-process 16:45

Cenk's Nephew "#BelieveWomen is Due Process"

7 months ago     29 Views    
social-justice-math-classes 03:05

Social Justice Math Classes

7 months ago     12 Views    
cair-infiltrates-public-schools 03:37

CAIR Infiltrates Public Schools

7 months ago     17 Views    
south-african-land-seizures 11:26

South African Land Seizures

8 months ago     27 Views    
public-school-school-drag-show 03:45

Public School School Drag Show

9 months ago     24 Views    
snopes-bias-exposed-walkaway 11:47

Snopes Bias Exposed #WalkAway

9 months ago     23 Views    
democratic-socialism-is-socialism 08:12

Democratic Socialism is Socialism!!!

9 months ago     18 Views    


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